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Summer vacation in Dalmatia sure sounds like a dream. Due to its boost in popularity, finding accommodation in this Croatian gem is of great importance. That is why Villsy offers you 129 villas to rent in Dalmatia. The renting prices can vary, with the average weekly rate for these holiday homes being € 1280. The most affordable villas start at € 880, while more expensive ones start at about € 1680 weekly.

Our guests seem to favor the month of July for their stay, as that is when most reservations are made. Similar to other tourist destinations in Croatia, villas are usually reserved in advance. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help when booking a luxury villa in Dalmatia.

About Dalmatia region

Dalmatia is a beautiful region in Croatia and one of the most popular travel destinations on the Adriatic. The so-called Dalmatian coast stretches from Zadar in the north to Dubrovnik in the south and is famous for its enchanting beaches, which are simply wonderful for an unforgettable summer stay in the country.

In recent years, the region has repeatedly topped the lists of favorite places to visit, and that trend is likely to continue. There's no better way to experience this region than by exploring its stunning coastline. You can do this by land or by sea. Either way, you'll have plenty of opportunities to take beautiful photos of white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters.

When searching for the perfect accommodation in a luxury villa, you'll have a hard time given the immense number of options. However, it's certain that Villsy offers the best options for a wonderful, luxurious, and carefree stay in this beautiful country.

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What Makes Dalmatia Special?

The Dalmatian coast is one of the most important and unique tourist gems in the world. The crystal-clear sea, the sun, the untouched nature, and the countless hidden islands and bays make it the perfect place for total hedonism. Add to that a rich gastronomy, an impressive cultural wealth, and the authenticity of life here.

Due to its geographical location, the region is surrounded by numerous islands and islets, including Hvar, Brač, Korčula, Vis, and many more. Island hopping is one of the most popular activities here. The extensive coastline provides access to some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Most beaches are pebbly and rocky, but the underwater world is still spectacular.

The land has been inhabited since ancient times and boasts an exciting collection of historical sites that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. The Greeks and Romans repeatedly conquered the region, and its pre- and post-war history is fascinating. The climate in this region is heavenly, and it's often said that summer starts here in April and ends in November. Additionally, there are over 2600 hours of sunshine per year.

When Is the Best Time to Visit?

The Dalmatian coast has a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and cooler winters. Most people travel here during the summer months, and for good reason. The country boasts perhaps the most beautiful coast in the world, with hidden pebble beaches leading into bright blue waters.

But summer isn't the only option for a trip. For certain types of travelers, the offseason might even be better than summer. The choice of the best time to travel depends on what you expect from your visit. In high season, temperatures are high, and there's a party atmosphere, especially on the Dalmatian coast.

Summer is a hot time of year. This is when the Adriatic coast comes to life. Summer is also the time when cruise ships peak, especially at the end of June, July, and August. Tourism here reaches its peak between June and August, when the warm waters of the Adriatic attract countless visitors. There are boat parties and medieval markets, and the elegant accommodations fill up with sailors. It's fun, even if the afternoons are scorching hot, the lines at attractions are longest, and overnight costs rise.

Late spring and early autumn are arguably the best times to visit. The water temperatures are pleasant, and there's plenty of sunshine, but the pebble beaches and rocky coves of the country are relatively quiet. May and September are the best times for a sailing holiday due to the endless calm seas. Spring is especially beautiful for visiting the Plitvice Lakes and Krka National Park, as the waterfalls are particularly abundant due to snowmelt.

The Most Beautiful Cities in the Region

Dalmatia offers so much more than just the usual tourist season. There are few places where you can find such beautiful scenery along with a large number of cultural and historical monuments. There are many beautiful places in this part of the country. However, a few stand out as the most beautiful places on the coast.

Split - the Impressive UNESCO Old Town

The country's second-largest city is one of the most important places on the coast. Despite its status as the capital of the region, sunny Split has done well to preserve its rich historical facade. Absolutely worth seeing and best explored is the romantic old town of Split. While sightseeing, you'll discover numerous interesting attractions, including the impressive Diocletian's Palace, which is even on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Also beautiful are the waterfront promenade and the adjacent Marjan Forest Park, a green oasis of Split, where you can enjoy numerous viewpoints and picturesque coastal areas.

Accommodation in Split

Dubrovnik - the Pearl of the Adriatic

The stunning coastal metropolis of Dubrovnik is located in southern Croatia and delights with an incredibly beautiful UNESCO Old Town. The special feature is the mighty city wall that encloses the city center and can be visited on a walk. Visitors flock to this coastal city to explore the setting of King's Landing in the TV drama 'Game of Thrones'. Here you will find arched Baroque ceilings mixed with Ottoman influences. The Dubrovnik cable car offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy a spectacular view of the city from a completely different perspective.

Makarska - Fantastic Beaches Beneath the Mountains

Many describe the Makarska Riviera as the most beautiful stretch of coast on the Dalmatian Adriatic. Over a length of 50 kilometers, you'll find some of the absolutely most beautiful beaches in the country, where the bright turquoise sea and the high mountains in the background create an almost surreal backdrop. Also worth seeing is the mighty Biokovo Mountain, a national park with a skywalk and numerous hiking trails. For a vacation on the Riviera, there are also numerous beautiful coastal towns such as Brela, Podgora, Tučepi, etc.

Makarska town

Zadar - The Pearl of Northern Dalmatia

The second-largest city on the Dalmatian coast has a lot to offer. The city's history dates back 3,000 years. In the form of museums, fortresses, and churches, it displays an enchanting history of Croatia, but the UNESCO-listed city is more than that. With its modern attractions such as the Sun Salutation and the Sea Organ, a full calendar of events, and its proximity to many beautiful natural attractions, Zadar has become an essential stop for any modern traveler.

What Should You Definitely Visit?

On a trip to this region, there is much to experience because in almost every corner of the region, there are beautiful sights, romantic coastal towns, and fascinating natural beauties. Apart from the cities mentioned above, this region has much more to offer. The beautifully rugged coast hides many breathtaking islands and islets, and the region is home to some of the most beautiful national parks in the country.

Hvar Island is a true gem and is often counted among the most beautiful islands in the world. Known as the sunniest island in the region, it is popular with tourists for its beaches and nightlife. A walk through the old town will also reveal many historical sights. Brač Island is the largest in the region and is also one of the most beautiful destinations for a beach holiday in Croatia. Known for Zlatni Rat beach, the so-called Golden Horn, which adorns most postcards of the country, this island is a dreamy destination.

Hvar Island in Croatia

Korčula Island is a stunning holiday destination. Beautiful beaches, fabulous wines, and romantic villages make this island a true vacation paradise. A major tourist attraction is the world-famous old town, often referred to as 'Little Dubrovnik,' which attracts visitors with numerous sights. Other notable islands include Mljet, Vis, Šolta, Lastovo, etc.

Krka National Park is definitely one of the most beautiful national parks in the region. The numerous spectacular waterfalls are particularly beautiful, but so are the many hiking trails and viewpoints in the park. A real highlight is also the large waterfall Skradinski Buk, which invites you to swim in warm weather. The Kornati Islands are a true natural paradise. They are the densest island group in the Mediterranean, and the eponymous national park encompasses 89 islands and islets. On a boat tour, you can admire the breathtaking landscapes, enjoy stunning viewpoints, and experience a fascinating underwater world while diving.

What Food Should You Try When Visiting Here?

Dalmatian cuisine is a successful blend of past and present. Simple and widely available ingredients are masterfully combined to create healthy, satisfying, and extremely delicious dishes. Dalmatian cuisine is prepared with pure olive oil, fresh fish, and a drop of Dalmatian wine, and it is the best example of the temperament and lifestyle of Dalmatia.

The most famous and highly esteemed Dalmatian cured meat product is certainly prosciutto. Unlike its Italian and Istrian counterparts, it is smoked and dried in the Bora wind after preparation, which creates favorable conditions for aging.


A freshly caught squid, the star of black risotto, should be well cleaned, and then the black ink, which the animal otherwise uses to defend against predators, must be carefully removed. Only the diluted ink is added to the dish shortly before the end of the cooking time to give this risotto its famous appearance.

Pašticada is a beef dish in a sweet and sour sauce that is very popular here. This dish requires long and careful preparation. The meat is stewed with onions, parsley roots, plums, wine, and sweet Prošek wine for several hours.

The Dalmatian wine region is one of four wine-growing regions in Croatia. Winemakers in the wine region still prefer traditional winemaking methods, and the production of red wine is preferred over white wine. Many of the vineyards in the wine region are located in stunning locations on demanding and steep slopes, offering a wonderful sight. The most famous varieties include the white wine Pošip, the red wine Plavac Mali, and the Prošek, a sweet dessert wine.

What Can You Best Do Here with Children?

Here, history, culture, and natural beauty come together to create an extraordinary experience for your family. The region offers many family-friendly sailing trips, water parks, and interesting activities that provide a balanced mix of history, culture, and water sports for all involved.

The Fun Park Biograd is located in the beautiful and picturesque town of Biograd na Moru and offers a range of spectacular activities, pools, and attractions for the whole family. The park has three main themes: Pirate Bay, Galaxy, and the newest attraction, Atlantis. The Dubrava Falconry Center is located in the lush pine forest, 8 kilometers from Šibenik, and protects various species of birds of prey, including falcons. The center's goal is to continue the millennia-old tradition and high art of falconry.

Murter is an island in the northwestern part of the Šibenik archipelago, which boasts rich flora and fauna and is frequently sighted by dolphins. Dolphin watching is a great opportunity to teach children about these extremely intelligent and social animals and marine life. The Blue Cave is located on the east side of the island of Biševo and offers wonderful natural spectacles. Especially in the morning, when few people are on the water, these sightings are particularly interesting. Here you'll take unforgettable photos.

Why Is Renting a Luxury Villa Here a Good Option?

Dalmatia is one of the most beautiful regions of Croatia. A stay in luxury holiday villas on the Dalmatian coast promises you beautiful islands, centuries-old cities, mountain landscapes, and endless beaches. Our wide selection of luxury villas is full of beautifully equipped properties in picturesque, unspoiled locations in the vast hinterland, in the center of the action on the coast, or on the idyllic islands with clear water.

Although most people think of beaches, islands, and the pristine Adriatic when mentioning this region, this is only part of the story. UNESCO World Heritage Sites, traditions, adrenaline tourism, natural beauties, unique local wines, and culinary delights await you at every turn. After a long day enjoying nature and beaches, you'll especially want to

relax and enjoy in comfortable accommodation. That's why we have carefully selected our villas that will take your breath away.

Dalmatia is one of the four historical areas of Croatia. It is a narrow belt of land on the shore of the Adriatic Sea. It stretches from the island of Rab to the Bay of Kotor. It is one of Croatia's most visited areas thanks to its main cities: Split, Zadar, and Sibenik.
The name Dalmatia comes from the name of the Dalmatae tribe, which kinked the Illyrian word “delme,” meaning “sheep.” It refers to the Dalmatian coastline formed where the geology created valleys parallel to the coast. This is why the area is so popular among tourists. Several islands and islets are linked to the mainland, offering an interesting view over the sea.
If you want to reach Dalmatia by car, you can use the motorway for fast transportation. It is an excellent route for avoiding traffic jams. Keep in mind that you’ll need to take a ferry or catamaran to get from the mainland to the islands or archipelagos. Zadar, Sibenik, Split, and Dubrovnik are Dalmatia’s main ferry ports.
Many people agree that the most beautiful place in Dalmatia is the Vis Island. It has one of the most gorgeous areas in Europe thanks to the preserved nature and natural wonders. It is the furthest Croatian island in the Adriatic, popular for its premium beaches, local wines, and food. The Blue and Green Cave represent the main attraction!
Villsy offers you 129 villas in this region. Rental prices may vary depending on size, location, and amenities (pool, sea view, wellness, etc.), with the average weekly price for these holiday homes being €1280. The most affordable villas start at €880, while the more expensive ones can be booked from around €1680 per week.
The best way to rent a villa with a pool, sea view, or other amenities is definitely Villsy. Depending on the size of the villa, the number of rooms or people booking it, the amenities, and the city where the accommodation is located, prices may vary. However, the huge selection of different houses will surely meet everyone's needs.