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Summer vacation in Dalmatia sure sounds like a dream. Due to its boost in popularity, finding accommodation in this Croatian gem is of great importance. That is why Villsy offers you 129 villas to rent in Dalmatia. The renting prices can vary, with the average weekly rate for these holiday homes being € 1280. The most affordable villas start at € 880, while more expensive ones start at about € 1680 weekly.

Our guests seem to favor the month of July for their stay, as that is when most reservations are made. Similar to other tourist destinations in Croatia, villas are usually reserved in advance. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help when booking a luxury villa in Dalmatia.

Croatian villas with pool in Dalmatia

The sun-drenched county of Dalmatia attracts thousands of tourists every year. It lies on the east coast of the Adriatic. From the metropolis of Zadar in the north, the Dalmatian coastal landscape stretches over 400 km, just past Dubrovnik - the "Pearl of the Adriatic". Dalmatia is definitely a flagship county when it comes to Croatia's eclectic landscape. The high mountain ranges, the dreamlike island worlds and the strongly structured coast enchant the visitors of Dalmatia. The Mediterranean flair of Dalmatia with its innumerable historical buildings tells the rich history of Croatia. Dreamlike bays and sunny beaches complete the holiday in Dalmatia. Culinary delights in Dalmatia also come at its expense: Dalmatian cured ham, yellow sheep's cheese and salted anchovies with a few black olives become a taste experience in a class of its own. In addition, you will find interesting leisure activities in Dalmatia, such as diving, hiking, mountaineering and much more. In Split, you can even go on quad and jeep safaris. In order to fully enjoy your holiday in Dalmatia, Villsy offers first-class holiday villas for rent in Dalmatia. With us, you will find the right villa with pool in Dalmatia. Enter your travel dates in our search box and find suitable holiday villas in Dalmatia for rent.

How to reach Dalmatia

Dalmatia can be reached by car and by plane. The holiday islands of Dalmatia can be reached by ferry. If you are traveling by car, the route goes through Austria and Slovenia. Depending on whether you want to travel from Baden-Württemberg or from Bavaria, there are routes over Zagreb and Ljubljana. From Munich, it takes about nine hours to Split. The distance between Munich and Split is about 900 km. Also by plane, it is excellent to travel to Dalmatia. In the cities of Dubrovnik, Split and Zadar there is an airport. If you want to travel from there to the other resorts of Dalmatia, you can rent a car or come by taxi from A to B. From the mainland you can take a ferry to the holiday islands of Dalmatia, such as Pag, Hvar and Pasman. Arrived in Dalmatia you can make yourself comfortable in your villa with pool! Villsy has the right holiday villas in Dalmatia for you.

Discover Dalmatia

Dalmatia has many different attractions to offer. The mainland of Dalmatia gives us beautiful mountains with raging waterfalls and river valleys, which are surrounded by lush greenery. In the national parks of Dalmatia true natural beauties are present. In Krka National Park you can marvel at seven waterfalls and the gigantic landscape. In Kornati National Park you can see the breathtaking underwater world of Croatia. Climbing fans can let off steam in Paklenica. On the island of Bisevo, you can see the Blue Grotto. With a calm sea and sunny weather, you can watch a magical play of light here. If you visit Dalmatia in the months of July and August, you can visit Croatian festivals here. Dubrovnik hosts the Summer Festival - a major music and theatre festival on 33 open-air stages in the Old Town. In Omiš the Klapa Festival takes place. This is where Klapa groups from all over Dalmatia meet to take part in a happy singing contest. In addition, you can see in Dalmatia sights from times gone by. In Split, one can find Roman city and palace architecture and the city walls of Dubrovnik from bygone times can still be seen today. In Sibenik, one gets from the cathedral Sv. Jakov impresses, which was taken up thanks to your size as a world and cultural heritage. In the ruined city of Salona, there are remains of the Roman colony at the time of Diocletian.

Leisure fun in Dalmatia

In Dalmatia, just about everyone gets their money's worth! The extensive leisure offer of Dalmatia appeals to families with children, as well as outdoor enthusiasts, active young people and seniors. In the coastal area of ​​Dalmatia, you can admire the underwater world of Croatia, especially worthwhile is the dive spots in the Kornati National Park, such as Balun, a lush rocky saddle with dropping down to 70 meters steep wall. Also on the island of Murter, there are several diving centres that lead you to the most beautiful places on the Kornati. Great fun for the whole family is the aquarium Vodice. Here you can marvel at over 100 different species of fish from the Croatian Adriatic. A special highlights are the sharks and rays. For the outdoor fans, there are various cycling and hiking trails in Dalmatia. Highly recommended are the routes on the island of Korcula. If you like it a little more relaxed, you can relax on the beach. On the beach St. Jakov is not so busy and you will find here its peace for swimming. Also, culinary Dalmatia has so much to offer. We recommend you to visit the konoba Gorica in Sibenik and konoba veranda in Dubrovnik. Here you will find local dishes such as fresh seafood, fish and Croatian wines. In the evening you can make yourself comfortable in your villa with pool in Dalmatia! Rent with Villsy first-class holiday villas with pool in Dalmatia! Be it a villa with a pool for the whole family or for a romantic holiday for two - at Villsy you will find suitable holiday villas to rent in Croatia!

Festivals in Dalmatia

Want to party hard during summer and meet people from all over the world while you're at it? Dalmatia boasts a HUGE number of all kinds of festivals, not just the Klapa Festival we mentioned earlier. All kinds of music are covered, with some of the most esteemed artists visiting this part of Croatia every summer. Make that the centre of your Croatia villa holiday, and start or end your (every) evening in a villa with a pool. Now, that sounds like a great vacation idea, doesn't it? Ultra Music Europe is held in Split every year, with tens of thousands of young people swarming the city in peak season. However, other Dalmatian cities, such as Zadar and Šibenik, host a whole lot of different events during these few months, so wherever you can find a villa for rent in Dalmatia, preferably with a pool, obviously, the chances are there will be some sort of festival nearby. Meet all sorts of people, be they locals or foreigners, and make friends for life.

Sports in Dalmatia

If you're looking for a place for an active vacation, look no further – Dalmatia is the place! People here adore sports, especially team sports, and every bigger town has courts for all kinds of activities. Football is the number one sport, though, although you will find plenty of basketball courts and tennis courts (mostly clay) all over the region. Dubrovnik is traditionally big on water polo and swimming, and they even have a traditional water polo tournament between teams representing each of the city beaches there. You really shouldn't have a problem finding large luxury villas there, so if you want to enjoy a unique sporting event that gets the whole city going, Dubrovnik is the place to be. On the other hand, should you prefer some individual activities, there are plenty of options there, too. You can go hiking up the Biokovo Mountain, or even Velebit, to enjoy some pristine nature. People in Split are currently falling in love with bikes all over again, and their hill Marjan is perfect for this mode of transport. You can also do a fair bit of jogging there, plus the hill is home to some spectacular beaches, so if that sounds good to you, you'll be happy to know that there are loads of villas to rent in that part of Croatia with a private pool. Villsy will show you the way.

Villa with pool for rent in Dalmatia

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Dalmatia is one of the four historical areas of Croatia. It is a narrow belt of land on the shore of the Adriatic Sea. It stretches from the island of Rab to the Bay of Kotor. It is one of Croatia's most visited areas thanks to its main cities: Split, Zadar, and Sibenik.
The name Dalmatia comes from the name of the Dalmatae tribe, which kinked the Illyrian word “delme,” meaning “sheep.” It refers to the Dalmatian coastline formed where the geology created valleys parallel to the coast. This is why the area is so popular among tourists. Several islands and islets are linked to the mainland, offering an interesting view over the sea.
If you want to reach Dalmatia by car, you can use the motorway for fast transportation. It is an excellent route for avoiding traffic jams. Keep in mind that you’ll need to take a ferry or catamaran to get from the mainland to the islands or archipelagos. Zadar, Sibenik, Split, and Dubrovnik are Dalmatia’s main ferry ports.
Many people agree that the most beautiful place in Dalmatia is the Vis Island. It has one of the most gorgeous areas in Europe thanks to the preserved nature and natural wonders. It is the furthest Croatian island in the Adriatic, popular for its premium beaches, local wines, and food. The Blue and Green Cave represent the main attraction!