Spending a whole vacation in Europe is always a dream come true. Europe is a mixture of cultures, languages, heritages, architecture and customs all over the continent. And there’s no denying Croatia’s beauty. With piercing turquoise seas and fairy-tale like architecture, backpacking or splurge on yatch week, both are possible in this ‘Land of Thousand Islands.’ Zadar is located in the northern part of Dalmatian Coast in Croatia. Populated since pre-historic times, Zadar is one of the oldest inhabited cities in Europe. Today, Zadar is a popular tourist destination, with tons of history and culture, and things to do and see. Being voted as the Best European Destination in 2016, it must be having some charm and charisma to it. Are you planning a trip to Croatia? Zadar should be on your list.

What To See In Zadar?

The Sea Organ

A unique experience of listening to the sound of the sea, the natural waves of the ocean at Sea Organ creates a symphony from the 35 pipes below the sea level - creating a romantic atmosphere at sunset. Created by Croatian architect, this organ stretches through 70 meters all along the waterfront promenade known as the Riva. It is an amazing mix of modern design and nature. Spending time over here is all about sitting on the broad marble steps that flank the water. One of the major tourist attractions of Zadar, the place is busiest at sunset. Sitting at the enchanting organ at sunset, one can never have enough of cold beer while staring at the Roman Ruins. Sea Organs

Zadar Cathedral

One of the photographic icons of Zadar and the centerpieces of the central hub of the old-town, Anastasia Cathedral or Zadar Cathedral is a must-visit place when on a trip to Zadar. The detailed creation of the structure holds great importance in the history of Croatia. One of the most scenic cities in Croatia, the Roman Cathedral is the heart of this place. It holds great importance for the local and religious people. The Roman Cathedral of Zadar is the largest church in Dalmatian Coast. Built in 12th and 13th centuries, the cathedral is a richly decorated façade with old remains inside the church to boost up the history. Heavily bombed during WWII, it contains the relics of St. Anastasia. Behind this church is the bell tower, which one can climb to see the skyline and the panoramic view of the old town of Zadar.

The Greetings to the Sun

The Salutation to the Sun is in itself a strange yet amazing experience. A solar-powered work of art that explodes with an array of brightly colored lights. The greetings to the sun can be a tap dance, tip-toe or waltz platform, on a glass surface that keeps on changes its hues. With 300 multi-layered glass plates, it is conceived as an installation of an amphitheater surrounded by stone blocks. The light display on this platform is one of the activities that one can enjoy with friends and families. Especially kids love to dance across the glass surface, chasing the lights, which makes for a wonderful photo during sunsets. Zadar image credit: Peter Collins

Zadar Old Town

Europe is all about exploring the old remains and the touch of history. Each city had its own place in ancient times, which is the same for Zadar’s old town. This is the place where modern and ancient Zadar collide to create one of the most exciting towns of Croatia. The old town in Zadar is more than passing through. It means exploring the Roman ruins and Venetian architecture. The old town is paved with gleaming white stones, first laid out by the Romans. The defensive walls situated in the old town of Zadar is a world heritage site, which was built by Venetians. Situated near the Adriatic sea, this is a must-visit place when on a trip to Croatia.

What To Do In Zadar?

People love to explore the touristy places when visiting a particular place, but things need to be done to create memories for a lifetime. Exploring a place doesn’t mean looking at the old walls and architecture, one needs to connect with the local culture to make the most out of it. Thus, there are plenty of things to do in Zadar. Let’s see.

Food and Wine Tour

Wines? Who doesn’t love it? Europe is famous for its local wines and what better way to understand the culture other than tasting the wine? There are so many wineries and vineyards located in and around Zadar, that it becomes difficult to choose which one to visit. One of the most famous Degarra Winery. Grapes are grown on a ground spread over 1.8 hectares of land. The winery serves a delicious choice of red, white and pink wines. It has a great wine tasting room. When visiting this place, a must-try is Bomary: the specialty of this place which is a mixture of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot. Mouthwatering, isn’t it? Food and wine tour

Zadar Pijaca

The local market of Zadar has been operating since the middle ages, and it meets the standards of other European metropolitan cities. It’s a typical farmer’s market with fresh fruits and vegetables. The local ‘Pag Cheese’ or the award-winning ‘Gligora Cheese’ is the must-try items of this market. A not to miss place is the fish market. This market has all the ingredients for you to try the local Croatian cuisine.

Spend an evening at Zadar Beach

Who wouldn’t love to spend the evening sitting on the beach and gazing at the sunset? Beaches in Europe have always been on the top list of travelers. Thus, why to miss this opportunity of spending time on Zadar beach, which has the most exquisite sunset in the whole of Croatia. During the trip, one can stay in the old town of Zadar or can rent a villa with pools through Villsy.com. Trust us, this is going to be one of the most memorable trips which you will ever go-to in your life. Beach Image credit: Camilla K


Thus, we know that Croatia is one of the most off-beat places to visit but caters such exclusive experiences that one can never forget. Then why not to take advantage of this, and visit Zadar?