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Summer vacation in Zadar sure sounds like a dream. Due to its boost in popularity, finding accommodation in this Croatian gem is of great importance. That is why Villsy offers you 26 villas to rent in Zadar. The renting prices can vary, with the average weekly rate for these holiday homes being € 1360. The most affordable villas start at € 960, while more expensive ones start at about € 1760 weekly.

Our guests seem to favor the month of July for their stay, as that is when most reservations are made. Similar to other tourist destinations in Dalmatia, villas are usually reserved in advance. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help when booking a luxury villa in Zadar.

About Zadar

Zadar is situated on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia and is a wonderful seaside destination with a fascinating historic center, an enviable restaurant scene, and sprawling national parks that are easily accessible. The city boasts an extraordinary history and rich cultural heritage, making it a hub for tourism in the Dalmatian region.

The city has long captivated the imagination of those who enter it. First conquered by the Romans and then by the Venetians, the influence of both empires shapes the architectural fabric of the city. While many visitors flock to Dubrovnik or Split, Zadar offers beautiful, unspoiled scenery, as well as stunning villas with pools and sea views available for rent through Villsy, which are worth a visit. In this beautiful location, not only are there fewer crowds, but there are also many natural attractions to experience.

What's Special in Zadar?

The reason Zadar has gained fame over the years is perhaps its historic core, which is one of the treasures of the city. The old town features medieval churches and narrow marble streets lined with impressive restaurants and colorful buildings. It has a beautiful beach promenade with breathtaking sunset views. To celebrate these magnificent sunsets, artist Nikola Bašić decided to erect the so-called 'Sun Salutation' monument on the edge of the waterfront promenade.

sea oregon
Zadar, Croatia - July, 2019. Old Zadar church and artifacts Dalmatia

This fairy-tale location lies in the middle of the Dalmatian coast and is the ideal starting point for day trips in the region. Throughout the year, yachts and boat taxis come and go, enticing visitors with a variety of day trips.

Here you'll find many beautiful beaches, and they are close to the center. Most of them are pebble beaches, and you can even swim in the center if sightseeing gets too hot. Here, you can stroll through quiet marble streets, prices are cheaper than in other places, and you can sail to pine-scented beaches on remote islands, where you can spread out undisturbed next to tiny konobas - restaurants mainly operated by fishermen.

When is the Best Time to Visit?

The best time to visit largely depends on your preferences and desired activities during your vacation. Depending on whether you want a sun-soaked stay with island hopping or if you're interested in culture and history, different seasons are best suited for you.

The warmest months are naturally the summer months of July and August, when there are hardly any clouds. This is the perfect time to visit for those who like it hot and enjoy participating in the exciting bustle. If you prefer warm weather but also want to explore a bit when it's less crowded, June and September are an excellent idea.

The coldest months are December, January, and February, but with New Year's fireworks and Valentine's Day warmth, you can also cozy up in the winter months. Just avoid days when the fierce Bora wind blows - then the streets are deserted, and for good reason. So, the tourist high season lasts from late spring to early September. During this time, the weather is warm and sunny, making it a popular destination. However, this also means that hotels are well booked and can be crowded with tourists.

What Should You Definitely Visit?

Zadar is one of the liveliest and most fascinating places in Croatia. Especially the unique historic core with its 3,000-year-old history fascinates with its countless historic buildings and numerous important attractions. But this fairy-tale location has much more to offer than its rich history and cultural heritage. What makes it truly magical is its proximity to nearby attractions.

Explore the Alleys

When strolling through the town, it's definitely worth exploring the picturesque alleys, as there are charming squares or interesting sights at almost every corner. It's an opportunity to soak up the vibrant energy while discovering the fascinating stories that make this place so unique.

You can absorb more of the local history with a visit to People's Square. Since the 13th century, it has been a central point of life. The majestic clock tower is particularly photogenic. The walls, which belong to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, are a testament to the past. From here, you have a magnificent view of the sea, and the park-like walking path on the walls is simply breathtaking.

Admire the Sights

The monumental Church of St. Donatus is one of the most significant historical landmarks in the city. This round masterpiece was built in the early Middle Ages on the remains of the ancient Roman forum and is held in the traditional early Byzantine style. In close proximity to the church is the bell tower of the cathedral, another impressive sight. But the best part is that you can climb the bell tower.

Right in front of the church, you can also admire parts of the forum, the former market square from Roman times, and the exhibition in the church is also worth seeing. Especially during the summer months, classical concerts take place in the Church of St. Donatus, and there are also many cultural events in the forum square.

Watch the Sunset from the Riva

The southwestern quay is always a great place for strolling, picnicking, or even taking a dip in the sea for a quick swim. As the sun sets in the sky, people flock to the waterfront promenade to witness one of the most beautiful spectacles on the Adriatic. Taking a walk along the picturesque waterfront promenade allows you to enjoy it from one of its most beautiful angles, and attractions like the Sea Organ and the Greeting to the Sun are also visible there.

zadar sunset

Marvel at the Sea Organ

The Sea Organ is undoubtedly one of the most famous attractions here. It's a quirky marvel with a healthy dose of science. The Sea Organ was designed and built not too long ago by the famous Croatian architect Nikola Bašić and has quickly become one of the most popular attractions.

The Sea Organ consists of marble steps leading into the Adriatic. Pipes hidden behind the steps allow the waves to produce unique sounds when they hit the steps. The sounds they produce are very harmonious, albeit a little random. Experiencing the power of nature's music and feeling the salty breeze on your skin while listening to the unique harmonies is a captivating experience.

Welcome the Sun

If you feel like experiencing another creative offering after the Sea Organ, head to the southern outskirts to see the Greeting to the Sun. This installation has the same creator as its musical counterpart and also uses natural phenomena to create impressive works of art.

This installation consists of three hundred multi-view glass panels that absorb sunlight during the day and turn on at night, creating a stunning light show. These two masterpieces are indeed interconnected - the Sea Organ represents an attempt to communicate with nature through sounds, while the huge solar panel stands for communication with ligh

Explore the Beaches

When it comes to beaches, the options are endless. While there are many relaxing spots to choose from, some stand out from the rest. Borik Beach is ideal for swimming and relaxing on its picturesque, pebble-strewn shore. If you're looking for something more secluded, where you'll find quiet coves, a charming café, and even a picturesque lighthouse.

Take Day Trips

The Kornati National Park consists of 89 stunning islands and islets, each more breathtaking than the next. The tranquil waters surrounding the islands are home to a variety of rare algae and mollusks, creating a distinctive underwater microclimate.

The Krka National Park is a paradise with waterfalls, cascades, and plunging pools The Krka National Park is a paradise with waterfalls, cascades, and plunging pools that will leave you in awe. While Skradinski Buk is the most famous attraction in the park, this network of cascades and waterfalls is just the beginning. Just an hour and a half north, the Plitvice Lakes offer stunning views and plenty of adventure. This famous national park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is Croatia's oldest and largest national park.

Since the location is right by the water, there are numerous activities related to sailing. And boat tours are among the most interesting - and entertaining - activities you can undertake. And if you prefer it more classic, then hop on a sailboat and go island hopping and snorkeling. There's nothing better than a day on the water to start your vacation off right.

What Foods Should You Try When Visiting?

Zadar is a coastal town located in the middle of the Adriatic and the Dalmatian region, which determines its gastronomy. The traditional cuisine is named after the Dalmatian region and is a unique representative of Mediterranean cuisine. It includes some of the Mediterranean cooking methods, as well as products and traditional cuisine from the region.

Dalmatian Pršut (Prosciutto) is a cured meat product made from fresh pork leg with bone, which is air-dried during the characteristic 'Bura' northeast wind. Dalmatian Peka is a baked dish that often contains squid or veal with potatoes, placed on a tray, covered with a special bell-shaped lid, and placed on the embers in the fireplace.

Crni rižot is a unique black risotto prepared with fresh squid or cuttlefish and served as a light lunch in many Dalmatian taverns (known as Konoba) and restaurants. The squid ink gives the risotto its eerie black color, but other seafood such as mussels and other shellfish are also frequently added to the dish. Watch your smile, as your teeth and lips are likely to turn black when eating.

The traditional Dalmatian Pašticada is slow-cooked beef in a rich sweet-sour sauce, usually served with gnocchi or homemade pasta. The meat is first marinated and then slowly cooked with vegetables for 4 to 6 hours. Dalmatian cuisine is truly something special.

What are the Best Activities to Do Here with Children?

There's plenty to do here - from museums to beaches to exploring Roman ruins, which often seem to be simply scattered about. In addition to the activities already mentioned, such as admiring the historic core and all its attractions, listening to the Sea Organ, dancing at the Greeting to the Sun, or relaxing at the beaches, there are many other kids-friendly activities to do here.

Another fun activity to do with the kids is the Museum of Illusions. Your children will enjoy the setups of some rooms where the logic of reflections is completely turned upside down. This place will challenge your brain with its games, puzzles, and astounding illusions. There's also a huge hall of mirrors, an infinity room, and interactive exhibits. Be sure to have your camera ready to capture some fun and crazy photos.

The Dalmaland water park is located in Biograd na Moru and can be reached in 40 minutes. There are plenty of attractions for younger visitors too, such as a carousel, a pirate ship, and much more. Children, teenagers, and the whole family can choose their favorite adventure, but the choice won't be easy because the Fun Park offers more than 20 rides, including roller coasters, an adrenaline-pumping pendulum, the panorama ferris wheel, a mega swing, and even a water slide. The fun never stops at Dalmaland Fun Park.

Why is Renting a Luxury Villa Here a Good Option?

Zadar is an ancient place with remarkable historical and cultural heritage. By opting to rent a villa in Croatia, you can experience a perfect blend of tourist attractions and relaxing stays. Villas in this region are well located for families, solo guests, groups, or couples who desire a beach vacation suitable for all ages; yet, culture and nightlife are not too far away.

By booking one of the beautiful luxury villas, you can enjoy the rich tourist offerings during your unforgettable time on the Croatian coast. The surroundings offer a variety of options for day trips. It is very well connected by ferries to the many islands of the archipelago. This gives you access to the beautiful islands in the vicinity. And when you're done with your explorations, return to your wonderful, luxurious rental villa with various amenities, such as pools, wellness centers, hot tubs, beautiful sea views, and more.


How much does an overnight stay cost here?

Rental prices can vary depending on the options chosen, the size of the villa, the number of bedrooms, and the amenities, with the average weekly price for these holiday homes being €1360. The cheapest villas start at €960, while the more expensive ones start at around €1760 per week.

Where is the best place to book a villa here?

The best place to rent a villa is definitely Villsy: a site that offers you more than 20 different villas in this city alone. The villas offered come with various options, sizes, one or more bedrooms, and amenities, so every single person is sure to find a perfect home for a few days.