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Summer vacation in Porec sure sounds like a dream. Due to its boost in popularity, finding accommodation in this Croatian gem is of great importance. That is why Villsy offers you 82 villas to rent in Porec. The renting prices can vary, with the average weekly rate for these holiday homes being € 1000. The most affordable villas start at € 600, while more expensive ones start at about € 1400 weekly.

Our guests seem to favor the month of July for their stay, as that is when most reservations are made. Similar to other tourist destinations in Istria, villas are usually reserved in advance. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help when booking a luxury villa in Porec.

About Poreč

Poreč is not only a beautiful coastal town in Croatia, but also one of the most popular holiday destinations on the Istrian peninsula in summer. It is perhaps best known as the home of the 6th-century Euphrasian Basilica, one of seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Croatia. Other key attractions include the breathtaking harbor with the romantic waterfront promenade and the countless idyllic beaches.

This place also offers a variety of accommodation best offered by Villsy (villas with pools and various other amenities, holiday homes), good bars and exciting nightlife, a wide range of sports and water activities, historical sites and other attractions.

What is special about Poreč?

The city is one of the most visited places in Croatia. It offers a unique blend of relaxation and cultural exploration, making it an attractive choice for both beach lovers and history buffs. Today it is a vibrant and modern place that perfectly balances history and present.

You will also find priceless accommodation options here. Two major Croatian hotel chains operate most of the major hotels, resorts and campsites. There are also a variety of villas, villas with pools and holiday homes with multiple amenities, as well as some youth hostels right in the center.

This location is ideally located to explore the entire peninsula. Within an hour's drive you can visit all of Istria's attractions. Daily boat trips to the surrounding bays are among the most popular activities among tourists. You can book one-day boat trips to Rovinj, Pula, Vrsar and other places in Croatia, as well as to Lim Fjord, fish picnic trips and submarine trips.

From north to south there is over 10 kilometers of coastline. The beaches range from rocky, cement, pebbly to sandy, so there is something for everyone. There are 22 beaches on the coast that have been awarded the Blue Flag, an international symbol of clean sea and well-kept coastlines.

When is the best time to visit Poreč?

The best time to arrive in Croatia depends on your preferences. Although winter is usually mild and sunny with occasional rainy days, summer is more popular with tourists, but everyone can find something for themselves all year round.

Many say that summer is the best time to visit. Even though it's busy and there are crowds everywhere, you have to put up with it if you want to experience the best. If you can't stand the hustle and bustle, avoid the last week of July and the first two weeks of August. Due to its rich cultural heritage, there is also plenty to see and do during the rest of the year. The perfect time is early spring, when the weather is nice and there aren't that many tourists.

However, if you prefer milder temperatures, the months of June and September can be just as appealing. The weather is still warm and there is less chance of rain, allowing you to enjoy the sights and activities without the crowds.

What should you definitely visit?

There are a whole host of amazing things to do in Poreč. Most of the attractions are located right in the old town and can easily be explored on a walk. But the surrounding area is also worth seeing and offers visitors many highlights.

Stroll along the waterfront and harbor

A real gem of this place is the long waterfront promenade. The so-called Lungomare surrounds the entire historic town center and you can enjoy a breathtaking ambience while taking a walk. The harbor setting with the historic wall, the countless town houses, the fabulous restaurants and the luxurious yachts is particularly unique. In addition, the promenade connects the center with the beautiful bays and beaches along the coast.

Explore the old town

The historic town center, which is located on a small peninsula, is small, but it has monuments that are more than 2,000 years old. This is where the place really comes to life. With its cobbled streets, charming little cafes, friendly family restaurants and many beautiful historic buildings, there is a lot to explore here. The Old Town has something to offer for everyone, whether you are a history buff looking for an ancient Roman site or a young couple taking a romantic stroll.

Explore the Euphrasian Basilica

euphrasian basilica porec

The basilica is the town's most popular landmark and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The complex dates back to the 4th century and consists of a church, a memorial chapel, an atrium, a baptistery and an episcopal palace. Services are still held here daily, but the basilica, known for its beautiful mosaic floors and various decorative elements, attracts visitors of all faiths and backgrounds.

Visit the island of Sveti Nikola

The magical island of Sveti Nikola is just 400 meters from the city and can be reached by boat from the harbor in just 5 minutes. Walking around the island you will experience a real tranquil island feel, lush green pine forests, manicured gardens and a variety of beaches. On Otok Sveti Nikola there is even a specially created small sandy beach.

Relax on the beaches

Sunbathing and swimming are still the most popular activities. Between Červar Porat in the north and Zelena Laguna in the south you have the choice between different beaches. They are all beautiful and a real highlight of the city. From white pebble beaches to clean rocky beaches to fine sandy beaches, everything is there. Many of these beaches even carry the Blue Flag, a seal of the highest level of cleanliness, water quality and facilities.

Explore the surrounding area

Not only Poreč is worth seeing, there are also numerous opportunities for excursions and activities in the surrounding area. Only 10 kilometers from the city is the Baredine cave, the most beautiful stalactite cave in Istria with countless stalactites and stalagmites, where very interesting guided tours are offered. Other nearby coastal towns worth seeing include pretty Novigrad in the north, picturesque Vrsar in the south and the famous Rovinj, as well as other beautiful places in Croatia.

The hinterland of the city is also worth seeing, as there are many beautiful mountain villages here. Motovun, Grožnjan, Buje and Hum are particularly attractive and can be visited in a day trip. Lim Bay, often called Croatia's most beautiful fjord, lies between Poreč and Rovinj. The wonderful landscape invites all walks and hikers. Dolphins can often be observed on the boat tours offered.

What food should you try when visiting?

Most of the restaurants in the area have a very similar offering: grilled fish and meat, pasta and risotto and seafood such as mussels 'na buzaru' or fried calamari.

Probably the most typical local dish in Istria is fuži with truffles, a dish made with a Croatian type of pasta made from homemade dough and truffles, which are among the most valuable mushrooms. Combined with prosciutto, the result is a taste harmony that is very typical of Istria. Istrian prosciutto is a type of cured meat made with a mixture of different herbs. Another popular dish is Maneštra stew, once the food of farmers and now a real specialty. It also consists of beans and potatoes prepared with seasonal vegetables.

The importance and popularity of Istrian wines and wine routes need not be emphasized. A tour of the wine cellars is more than just a wine tasting: it is a celebration of Istria and its winemaking tradition, a story about decades of hard work and the joy of tasting the fruits of one's labor. One of the most popular activities in Istria is also truffle hunting, which you should definitely experience!

What can you do here with children?

Whether you want to spend your vacation in the family resort in Croatia or in your rented villa or explore various family facilities, fun is guaranteed. Located on the Istrian peninsula overlooking the Adriatic Sea, the city offers beautiful beaches, historical monuments and inspiring views. If you are visiting this place with children, there are also many exciting family-friendly activities and attractions in the area.

Near Poreč, in a natural area with an impressive rocky gorge and lush forests, there is an amusement park that is characterized by its uniqueness and exceptional character. Dinopark Funtana, which opened in 2009, has been continuously expanded and offers various activities for a full-day family outing.

The Motodrom is the oldest and longest go-kart track in all of Istria and also the most popular. It's a great place for children ages 6 and up. Karting in the Motordrom offers, above all, safety and adrenaline-pumping entertainment for individuals, families and large groups who long for new excitement. Located in the heart of an oak forest just outside the city, Sky Fox Adventure Park is a high ropes course and adrenaline park with many fascinating obstacles to overcome between the trees. Paintball and airsoft battles can also be held here.

Aquacolors is a fun, family-friendly water park just outside Poreč. With an area of 10 hectares, Aquacolors is also one of the largest water parks in Southeast Europe, filled with all sorts of fun slides and entertaining attractions such as a wave pool and a lounger. If you visit the place in summer season, Aquacolors must be on your list of things to do.

Why is renting a luxury villa a good option?

Like every major Croatian destination, this Croatian gem has a variety of accommodation options. Here you will find countless picturesque bays that are perfect for a beach holiday from May to October. From the city you have the opportunity to explore the most beautiful places in Istria on day trips, which is another reason why it is so popular.

Villas are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to enjoy a private vacation time here. This small town is the beating heart of summer tourism in Istria. If you are looking for a recommended accommodation, take a look at Villsy, where you can find numerous villas with various amenities.

Villsy offers you 82 villas for rent in this fairytale town. Rental prices can vary, with the average weekly price for these holiday homes being €1000. The cheapest villas start at €600, while the more expensive villas start at around €1400 per week.
The best place to rent a villa is Villsy. The carefully selected range of different types of villas and holiday homes ensures that everyone can find their cup of tea when it comes to accommodation. No matter how large your group is, what amenities you want and what price you are willing to pay, Villsy is sure to have a perfect accommodation option for you.