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Summer vacation in Pula sure sounds like a dream. Due to its boost in popularity, finding accommodation in this Croatian gem is of great importance. That is why Villsy offers you 15 villas to rent in Pula. The renting prices can vary, with the average weekly rate for these holiday homes being € 1380. The most affordable villas start at € 980, while more expensive ones start at about € 2130 weekly.

Our guests seem to favor the month of July for their stay, as that is when most reservations are made. Similar to other tourist destinations in Istria, villas are usually reserved in advance. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help when booking a luxury villa in Pula.

Pula Travel Guide

Pula villas with pool for rent

Slowly but surely, Pula has become an internationally renowned destination in Croatia. This city is located on the Istrian Peninsula in the north Adriatic and although relatively small, it is quite enchanting and inspires its visitors with great cafes, restaurants, and small bays with crystal clear water. The city captivates you with its beautiful landscape and adds a very special note to your visit with its incredible history and cultural sights. Here you can go sightseeing and spend long afternoons in cafes, enjoy some of the best culinary specialties of Croatia, swim in beautiful sea and so much more.

To help you enjoy your holiday in the city to the fullest, offers you the best luxury villas in Pula! Here you will find top Istrian vacation rentals in just a few clicks and be able to start planning the vacation of your dreams. No matter what kind of Pula villa you’d like, you’ll find it here. Would you like some modern accommodation like Villa PerLe? A 2-bedroom villa in or around Pula? With a pool perhaps? We’ve got it all!

All our holiday villas with pool in Pula have been carefully selected and visited by our team to make sure you always get maximum comfort. But allow us to show you more.

How to reach Pula

Getting to Pula can be very easy. Since Pula has an airport, you can quickly reach the city by plane. Check low-cost companies for flights to Pula airport because Ryanair and EasyJet both fly here from several cities.

A car is also an option and quite a good one at that. Although Pula is at the bottom of the peninsula it is well connected by motorways to the rest of Istria and Croatia in general. That’s why you can for example also take a bus from Zagreb and Rijeka and be here fairly quickly. But no matter how you decide to come, make sure that a villa in Pula is waiting for you!

Discover Pula and its surroundings

There is a lot to see in Pula, no doubt about that because this city’s history goes back all the way to ancient times. The main symbol of the city and the main attraction is the Roman amphitheater, also known as the Pula Arena. It is one of the largest remaining amphitheaters in the world and, believe it or not, it’s still in use! You can catch concerts and other events here regularly, but other than that it’s open to tourists, too.

Another important sight in the city is the triumphal arch, sometimes also called the Golden Gate. Some time ago, the city gate of Porta Aurea stood here, which was completely destroyed in the 19th century. The triumphal arch, in turn, has survived to this day and shines in full splendor as a link between the old town and the shopping area. If you go a little further you will find the temple of August and the forum. The temple is dedicated to Emperor Augustus, the first emperor of the Roman Empire. These are just some of the sights you can see around the city, so be sure to set enough time aside to explore them all.

If all of that interests you, you may want to book a Pula villa closer to the city. On the other hand, if you want to stay at a remote place and enjoy some quality peace and quiet, check out Villa Lounge Kapelana. Do explore our list of villas in Pula thoroughly – each one has its location clearly marked.

Attend Pula festivals

There are also many festivals you can visit in Pula. The most famous one is, without any doubt, Pula Film Festival, but there are some good music festivals, too. Even if there’s no such event during the time of summer you’re visiting, you can always go out and enjoy yourself, no matter if you want a peaceful walk or a wild party. The most important thing is that you will easily find a villa for rent in Pula where you will be able to get some good night’s sleep or continue having fun. Given the amount of large and luxury villas you can find in Pula, you are sure to have a great time while in the city.

Something for the whole family

Inside the city and around it, there is something for all members of the family. The children will love the big aquarium there, and there’s a medieval festival in Svetvinčenat boys will be absolutely ecstatic about, only about 30 kilometers from Pula. Moms will love the wellness goodness that can be experienced in Rovinj, and dads are going to enjoy the golf course on Brijuni, although this last one is certainly for moms, too. As a matter of fact, a day trip to Brijuni is a great thing to do with your family because in this national park you can go on a real safari and see some exotic animals! These include zebras, llamas, ostriches, and even an elephant. The story about how they got here is quite interesting, so go here if you have the chance.

As you can see, there is plenty to do and explore, and the fact that Istria is not that big and that it’s well connected helps a lot. So don’t be afraid to book a villa with a pool somewhere outside of the city for your Pula villa holiday. You can get everywhere by car reasonably quickly. As you can see from the map here on this page, there are plenty of holiday villas in Pula with a pool on the outskirts of the city, which can be a huge advantage if you just want to get away from it all for a bit. Wherever you decide to stay, though, you can be sure that will always provide you with the best choice of villas to rent in Pula and beyond. All with a pool, of course.

What to do in Pula

Pula is an excellent starting point for day trips. Villa Dragash, for example, is just across Brijuni national park. Sports enthusiasts will love it here, especially if you’re looking for great places to go diving and windsurfing. If you like speed, you can also plan an afternoon at the go-cart track Green Garden – on an area of ​​3500m² you can really let off a lot of steam.

There are also many different hiking and cycling trails around Pula, where you can admire the breathtaking nature of Istria. Here you should definitely visit the villages of Marcana, Premantura, Fažana, and Vodnjan.
In terms of gastronomy, Pula has a lot to offer, too. “Kod Kadre” offers tasty and affordable dishes, whereas excellent fresh fish and seafood can be found in “Konoba Batelina”. Those who like to drink wine and enjoy delicious local snacks should head to the BOCA bar. A small but fine selection of Mediterranean food can be found in the Valli Delicious Authentic Food and Bar.

As you can see, there are plenty of things to do in Pula, no matter what your interests are. Now all that’s left for you to do is to book your accommodation.

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Pula is located 111 km from Trieste, Italy, and even closer to Koper, Slovenia. It is an excellent drive since it will take one through a picturesque area of the Istrian peninsula. It is a scenic road for exploring the hidden wonders of Croatia.
The summers are warm, short, and mostly clear. Winters in Pula are very cold, wet, and windy. The average temperature over the course of the year is rarely below 27 degrees Fahrenheit or above 92 degrees Fahrenheit. The summer season lasts from June to September, with August being the hottest month in Pula.
If you want to reach Venice from Pula by ferry, you should know that the trip lasts an average of three hours. There are two ferries companies that link Croatia and Italy, offering connections several times a week between April and October.
There are a wide array of things to do in Pula. Some of the top attractions include the Amphitheatre of Pula, the Aquarium, Marketplace, the Benazic Winery, and the Museum of Istrian Oil. Our tip is to visit the Cape Kamenjak. It is Istria’s southernmost point, and it includes several little islands with breathtaking scenery.