A wine extracted from the sunny and rocky land is a lavish gift dating back over 2000 years and already valued by the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius.
Below I would like to introduce you to the five best wines of Istria. A must on every Croatia holiday.


1. Frankovic Korona Sur Lie Malvazija 2015

The Frankovic Korona Sur Lie Malvazija wine comes from the white Istrian soil of Santa Lucia. This area has always been known for its unique wines. The area around Malvazija is affectionately called "the mother of exceptional wines".
The grapes for one of the best wines of Istria are harvested later than usual. Further processing gives the wine the flavor it is known for. The Frankovic Korona Sur Lie Malvazija 2015 is said to be nicely structured and honey runs over the tongue.

2. RoxanichTeran Ré 2008

The RoxanichTeran Ré 2008 is located near Višnjan, Western Istria. The uniqueness of this wine could be achieved by the excellent climatic and geological conditions of this area. The RoxanichTeran Ré 2008 is not only one of the best wines in Istria, this wine has gained international recognition.
The wine shows a deep ruby ​​red color with aromas that indicate pronounced fruitiness and elements of spices, leather, smoke and odors. Some people describe this wine as "muscular".


3. Kozlović Santa Lucia Noir 2013

The Kozlović Santa Lucia Noir 2013 is one of the best Istrian wines for a variety of reasons. First, the wine was made by a single vineyard in Santa Lucia; on the other hand, the grapes were hand selected as well as harvested by hand. Another reason is the long aging time. (18 months in oak barrels and matured for another 24 months in bottles).
The color of the Kozlović Santa Lucia Noir 2013 is deep ruby ​​red, with a playful-spicy aroma reminiscent of undergrowth, black fruits and forest soil.

4. Benvenuti Corona Grande 2013

The Benvenuti Corona Grande 2013 is one of the 10 best wines of the region. A somewhat unusual wine with a bright orange-amber color. Its aroma is inviting and reminiscent of apricots, cinnamon, nuts and a breeze of barley sugar. The wine leaves a refreshing taste.
The terraced configuration and the white ground together with the microclimate give the wine a very mineral, fresh taste, which fully expresses the characteristics of the grape varieties. The grapes are dried on straws and then stored in stainless steel tanks.


5. Medea Punta Greca 2015

The Medea Punta Greca 2015 comes from the area between Pula and Medulin; The wine cellar is located in Vodnjan and belongs to one of the oldest and most famous wine cellars in Croatia.
The wine itself is characterized by its deep black color, reminiscent of the sour cherry. The aroma is balanced, between march cherry and a hint of Mediterranean herbs. Fragrance notes of precious wood, tobacco and vanilla give this wine a refining intensity, a fragrant harmony that makes the Medea Punta Greca 2015 one of the best wines of Istria.

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Choice by Nino Vino


Source: Exotic Wine Travel