If you are planning a holiday in Dalmatia, it is almost inevitable to try the delicacies of the region. This includes the wine, because the Dalmatian area offers excellent climate for the cultivation of wine. Here are some award-winning wines produced. Read on and find out what you should not miss.

Winery Degarra

winery_degarra Winery Degarra is a small boutique winery in the Zadar region. Although you only get a limited number of wines here, each of them is of the highest quality. The motto of the winery is "New and Original", which indicates that the winery Degarra brings new products every year on the market. Thus, this winery stands out clearly from other wineries in the area.  The Degarra winery used to be a vacant barracks. The families, Pestić and Šulentić, recognized the potential of the Zadar region and decided to join forces to realize their dream of a winery. Today, the former barracks is a house of wine and other delicacies.

Aherane Wine

aherane_winery_position The Aherane Wine of Dalmatia actually originated with an Australian family of winegrowers. Jo Aherane studied the craft in London and brought her originality to Dalmatia.  All grapes come from good local producers, focusing on Hvar-specific varieties. In Dalmatia there are about 90 native wine types. These include the almost extinct Darnekuša for the Rosé, Bogdanuša, Kuć. Pošip is used for the white and Plavac Mali for the red wine. All alcoholic and malolactic ferments are produced naturally. Sulfur additives are also minimal.  Today, the wines of Jo Aherane are world-wide prize-winning wines.

VICELIĆ winery

vicelic_wine Vicelic winery belongs to a group of small but incredibly high-quality winemakers on the Pelješac peninsula. Also this winery has sprung from a family business. The winery is located so that you have from the wine bar, with a drop of delicious wine, a view over the islands present. Exquisite cheese and other delicacies are not missing. 

Winery Milos

The wine company Milos has been embedded in the family tradition for generations. On 15 hectares of vineyards, in the best location on the Pelješac peninsula, the family produces their own wines, which are very popular with the locals and all visitors. Wines from the winery Milos have found special favor on the American market. In the winery Milos different types of wine are produced: 
  • drydry
  • semi-dry
  • sweet 
  • natural dessert wine.
Each type of wine is made using a unique process! The quality of the wines of the winery Milos have been the focus of domestic and foreign critics for more than 20 years.

Winery Matusko 

matusko_winery Also this winery is a product of a decades-long family production. The Matuško Dingač Royal is one of the most expensive and hardest to find red wines. It is made exclusively from selected grapes from Dingač vineyards. Today, the Matuško wine cellar is the most visited wine cellar on the Pelješac peninsula - a place where you can taste more than 20 wine labels with snacks and traditional dishes. The Matuško Dingač Royal has not only conquered the European market, this wine finds special favor in China.  The winery Marusko is located directly behind the tunnel. Here you can see the breathtaking vineyards. Dingač also boasts the steepest and sunniest position of Plavac Mali. Well worth a visit.

Saint Hills

sainthills_winery If you visit Pelješac Peninsula, you should not miss the wonders of Mediterranean nature and culture. In Saint Hills you will find everything you need to relax and unwind with your soul. Everything is done by hand in these beautiful vineyards because nature in Dingač does not allow machines. This will give you an idea of ​​what the area wines are all about: sun, sea, rock and really hard work. "Vinaria", the vineyard in Saints Hills, is an old stone house in a small village in Oskorušno. The original owners left the winery 80 years ago to find their fortune elsewhere.  The new owners wanted to preserve the beauty, history and tradition of the winery and formed their business from the old stone house. The wine that is extracted here is part of modern history, but it must be discovered by the visitor himself.  To really get to know the wine wonderland of Saint Hills, you must visit the "Treasury" room, where all the wines are made.  Wine in Saint Hills is unthinkable without traditional food. All the ingredients for the dishes are fresh and locally sourced, with much of the ingredient being grown by the owners themselves.  "Vinaria" offers its guests some luxury rooms that meet the high expectations of their guests. Here you will be spoiled in an old stone house, to the needs of a modern man. VILLSY 10.10.2019.