The Glavani Theme Park

If you're looking for a bit of adrenaline then the Glavani Theme Park is just for you. This theme park covers an area of ​​one and a half hectares and is one of the largest adrenaline parks in Croatia. You will find this park between Barban and Galvani. What is there to experience here:
  • 3 climbing trails, 2, 6 and 10 meters high,
  • A 113 meter long abseiling rope,
  • The 120 meter long cable car run, 20 meters above the ground,
  • Main attraction: The 11 meter high swing.
If the adrenalin is exhausted, a small animal farm offers you hammocks to rest on. The park was tested and approved for EU qualifications by Austrian inspectors. Ticket prices:
  • Children (up to 10 years) 22,50 Euro
  • Adults 30,50 Euro

The Aquarium Pula - an exciting underwater world

Not far, from Pula, on peninsula Verudela is still an old fortress. In order not to leave them empty, the aquarium of Pula was uniquely embedded in the old fortress walls. Since 2002, visitors can admire the colorful underworld. On two floors there are a total of 60 showers. Here you can experience the underwater world of the Mediterranean, indigenous lakes and rivers as well as tropical oceans. The Aquarium Pula - an exciting underwater world The Hai Basin, with the Sea Turtle Center, the Seahorse Room and the Marine Biology Laboratory is always a special attraction. Ticket prices:
  • Children up to 3 years free
  • Children 3-7 years € 5
  • 7-18 years as well as students and pensioners € 8,
  • Adults € 10
All activities, shows and attractions are included in the entrance fee.

The Aquapark Istralandia

The Aquapark Istralandia is said to be the most entertaining water park in Istria. You will find this park on the northernmost part, on the coast of the Istrian peninsula. Surrounded by forest and just 5 km from Novigrad, the Aquapark is ideal for a trip with the whole family. In total, the water park offers 24 attractions spread over 1.6 km long pipes, experience 20 different slides or a hydromassage pool for adults. Particularly attractive is the wave pool. The Free Fall, the highest slide, is 27 m high. There are also many theme activities for children. Entrance fees must be requested by the company. Children are not classified according to age, but according to size. Various packages are available for both the morning and afternoon. The Aquapark Istralandia

Dino Park Funtana - in the footsteps of the oldest lizards

In the southernmost tip of Istria is the Dino Park Funtana Park. Not only can visitors experience original, fossilized remnants of dinosaurs, many of the once-in-the-region dinosaurs have been recreated in life size. In this theme park, you will also find countless panels that inform on the behavior, the lifestyle and other not so well-known details. A trip into the life of the primeval giants is an experience for young and old. Dino Park Funtana The Dino Park Funtana is closed until 13.04.2019. Admission charge:
  • Adults: 11 euros
  • Children: 8 euros

The observatory of Visnjan

This observatory is located in the western part of the Istrian peninsula. Here is a 40 cm telescope with more than 1400 small planet were discovered. Only three kilometers from here is a new observatory, built with a 1-meter telescope. The observatory of Visnjan In addition to astrology, physics, biology, chemistry, ecology and many other areas are included in the educational project. Among other things, a workshop on management in science was started at Visnjan Observatory. All projects are carried out by volunteer students. Entrance fees must be requested by the observatory.

The Zip-line in Pazin

The Zip-line in Pazin is an adrenalin attraction that you will remember for a long time. Your adventure begins on the terrace of Hotel Lovac Green. The entire route is divided into four parts. The Zip-line in Pazin The first two routes are 80 meters long and prepare the visitor for the next route. This is 220 m long with an average speed of 50 km / h. Here you cross a canyon and land just above a sinkhole. From here begins the last and longest route. With a length of 280 meters, visitors have a rare view of a medieval castle that is barely built to cliffs. The end of the zip-line is at the Belvedere. Note: Children under the age of 16 are allowed to use the Zip-line only with the permission of their parents. Children under 35 kg are allowed in tandem only with employee of the zip line. Admission:
  • Per person 22 euros

Semi-submarine from Rovinj

Semi-submarine from Rovinj Many people are always fascinated by the underwater world. In the semi-submarine of Rovinj, visitors can take a closer look at this underwater world. The semi-submarine, also called semi-submarine, is a new attraction that got its name from the fact that the red, upper half looks out of the water. The interior, however, is below the water surface. Each seat has its own large window. Due to the special manufacture of the glass, underwater animals, such as fish, protected shells, sponges, jellyfish, crabs and plants, appear closer than they actually are. Underwater excursions are offered day and night. The hatch of the semi-submarine is always open and suitable for great panoramic shots of the coast and old town. Admission charge:
  • Adults: 13 euros
  • Children up to 7 years: 9.50 Euro.