A workday Provincial Town, Pazin is a gaping chasm that inspired Jules Verne and its books. Istria's administrative seat, Pazin, is a small town with a lack of international tourists, but its appeal is what makes it the perfect place to visit while in Croatia. With plenty of activities like hiking, free-climbing, zip-lining, cycling, and many more, it is the perfect countryside destination to explore Croatia.

One of the largest inland towns in Istria Province, the main attraction of this town is the Pazin Castle and its spectacular architectural setting that dates back to the 14th century. Pazin is more about spending a leisure holiday, worrying about nothing, and gar from the hustle of everyday life. Being in nature's lap with waterfalls, rivers, and caves beside us - it is the perfect place.

Planning a trip to Croatia? Explore the unexplored city of Pazin.

What to see in Pazin

Pazin Cave

A natural Speleological object, the Pazin Cave, is a canyon of the riverbed and is protected by law. Tourists can visit this site and explore the cave. Organized in a natural ecological way, the trip to this cave gives a unique experience of the underground. The underground part of the trail is about 200m long and is exposed to an underground lake. Tourists can make the most of this underground experience while getting transferred to a sandbar, where they can enjoy some drinks and reminisce about the life of cave dwellers.

This is the perfect place for adventure loving people and who love to explore the offbeat destinations in this world, making it the ideal place to visit while in Croatia, which will lead to many memories for all your life.

Cave of Pazin

image credit: Lorenzo

Zarecki Krov

Bringing people, nature, and animals together, Zarecki Krov is one of the most spectacular waterfalls that you will find in the whole of Croatia. Heaven on Earth in the middle of Istria, Zarecki Krov is just 4 km away from Pazin. A perfect place for a getaway for local people, families loves to come here to relax and chill while making BBQ and relaxing near the waterfall. Located on the brisk Pazincika river, this is the perfect place for people to swim or fish or have an excellent time with friends and families. One of the largest waterfalls in Istria is the perfect spot to spend a day doing nothing and just thinking about nature and its offer.

Old Town

The old part of the town known as Kastel lies on a hilltop about 130 meters above the Pazin abyss. Pazin Castle is in the middle of this town, making it the perfect place to visit while in the city center. With small shops and narrow streets, tourists can experience the Croatian life, which has attracted many artists and travelers due to its unique location.

Pazin Castle

Pazin is famous for its Castle. The Pazin Castle is the largest and the best-preserved medieval structure in Istria, making it one of the most renowned tourist spots. Renovated and transformed into various architectural styles over the centuries, the history mentions this Castle to be dated back to 983 AD. Being one of the most historical places in Istria, this is home to two amazing museums named Pazin Town Museum and the Istrian Ethnographic Museum. With a collection of medieval church bells, banknotes, musical instruments, weapons, Pazin Town Museum also displays the peasant revolts from 1407 to 1570.

Other than that, the Ethnographic Museum possesses around 4000 artifacts displaying and explaining the life of local people and traditional Istrian Village Life through the ages. Thus, Croatia has a lot of history and holds an essential place in the world's history. Why not live through real-life experience and understand the starting of various dynasties and cultures, making the Pazin Castle one of the best places to visit while on a trip to Croatia?

Pazin castle

image credit: Peter Collins

What to do in Pazin

Visit Angelini Winery

Croatia is home to some of the best wines in the world. With the spectacular Croatian weather and soil, Istria is famous for some of the greatest wineries and vineyards. Angelini Winery is famous for its wine tasting with honey and cheese, making it a perfect spot for wine lovers. The specialty being the Istrian wines. Visiting this winery will be a great experience with a lot of domestic products such as prosciutto.

The atmosphere of the vineyards and the hosts' hospitality is what makes this experience a memorable one. Home to some of the best Red and White Wines, this destination has to be on the top list of visiting when in Istria.

Adventure Activities


Being a hill station, Pazin is home to some of the most excruciating adventure activities. Zip Lining at Pazinska Jama is one of the best experiences that you will ever have in your life. An adventurous flight using cables and pulleys, this Zip lining is located above the Pazin Cave. The best part of this lining is that it lets you gather in the view of the cave and the famous Castle from above it. Other than the Zip Lining, mountaineering, hiking, free climbing, and many more activities are available in Pazin, making it the perfect place for adventure lovers.

Zip line Pazin

image credit: Shadowgate



Although we think of Croatia as a beachy destination in the Adriatic Sea, there is much more to Croatia with offbeat places, caves, and waterfalls. And Pazin is one of them. We all know that visiting such exotic places is a dream come true for all of us. We all would like to go out of our homes and spend some time in the natures' lap while living in villas with a pool can further make your holiday a piece of perfection. With Villsy you can book your villa with a pool in Pazin, but also in the surrounding places such as Vizinada, Karojba or Tinjan.

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