Known for its rich cultural heritage and stunning coastal beauty, Poreč has become an increasingly popular place for pet-friendly beaches in Istria among dog owners for its welcoming attitude towards pets. The town boasts more than 10 dog-friendly beaches.

The town’s commitment to creating a pet-friendly environment is evident in the facilities provided at these beaches, including showers, waste disposal bins, and even dog-friendly cafes and restaurants nearby.

Poreč’s dog-friendly beaches are not just about the sun and the beautiful sea view. They are about creating lasting memories with your beloved pet. They are places where the joy and freedom of the holiday spirit are shared equally between you and your four-legged companions. 

Camp Bijela Uvala

It is part of a giant campsite having excellent facilities and, a lush green environment that stretches into crystal clear Adriatic Sea coastlines.

This beach is pet heaven in terms of detail-oriented engineering effort felt on arrival. Unlike other places with free space for dogs to play around at most corners but neglected by the administration, this zone is well maintained to offer security and comfort for your animal friend. 

The beach itself consists of pebbles and grass which will give some variety in textures for dogs during their exploration or game-playing time. This sea corner’s bottom slopes gently allowing easy entries and swimming for the dogs.

One amazing thing about Camp Bijela Uvala is its ultimate tranquillity. It gives you a chance to relax away from crowded public beaches where your mind cannot stop thinking about hustling from one place to another. When tired residents can sit under them, basking in their shade after a fun-filled splash in the water. The site also offers several outdoor activities such as hiking or biking which have many trails accessible by pets.

Camp Bijela Uvala

Istra Sunny Camp beach

Located inside a crowded camp that provides different services both for people and dogs, this beach symbolizes the best tries of humans to live together with animals. Its landscape is a mix of natural elements and well-thought-out facilities so that it can be both entertaining and relaxing simultaneously.

One of the first things to notice upon arrival at Istra Sunny Camp Beach is its high energy level. Dogs can be seen playing, swimming or having fun on the beach across all breeds and sizes. There are also features for dogs such as agility equipment as well as other play elements making this place very good for highly active and energetic pups. This will not only help in exercising their bodies but also provide mental stimulation and skill development opportunities for your dog.

Blue moon beach

It is a youthful destination with lots of fun activities at Blue Moon beach in Poreč enjoyed by young people and those who still feel young at heart. While providing a conducive environment for relaxation, this beach has been popular because of its vibrant atmosphere, beautiful scenery, and friendliness towards dogs.

One aspect that stands out about Blue Moon beach is the wide choice of available activities. Dog owners may go paddling on kayaks among other water activities provided (most of them are pet-friendly). The pets can be either swimming with their master or enjoying all the sunbathing from the shore.

Often, the beach is well-equipped with a great number of facilities like sun loungers, umbrellas and changing rooms to serve every visitor’s comfort. Some of the nearby beach bars and cafes sell food and drinks that are unimaginable and dogs are welcome in some of these establishments with water bowls and snacks available for them.

Blue moon beach

Beach Ulika

It has maintained its tranquility, and beauty of nature that lets you enjoy an exceedingly serene area. It is best suited for those who do not want to be near noisy places.

The beach Ulika itself is a picturesque cove, framed by lush greenery and rocky outcrops. As a result, it has a quiet sea that’s still clean enough for swimming pets. The surface of the pebbles in combination with soft sand makes up a comfortable composition for pets’ owners to rest on.

Ulika may be secluded but it has basic facilities such as showers and toilets making it convenient and comfortable when it comes to Istrian beaches. In addition, there are shaded areas under the trees where one can take refuge from the heat of the sun while enjoying nature with a good book.

Other reasons to visit Poreč

Besides its numerous tourist attractions (both natural and man-made), Poreč offers a variety of cultural heritage sites – thus, appealing to different groups of tourists. There is more than just what lies in town.

But when going to a city like Poreč, you must take advantage of this location and its accommodation. It would be such a waste if you did not take accommodation with a view of the crystal clear Adriatic sea. You will be able to find many pet-friendly villas in and around Poreč. 

The Villsy villas are a true gem when it comes to otherworldly experiences. You can wake up at your own pace, go to your own pool with a view of the sea, or you can opt for family villas in Istria with lots of entertainment for kids. 

Among other things, the Euphrasian Basilica is one more stunning mosaics UNESCO World Heritage Site. While walking around in this old town one will easily get lost through narrow cobblestone streets which narrate their own stories about history.

Istrian cuisine is no doubt always worth mentioning when coming to Poreč. The Italian-Slavic-influenced regional cuisine encompasses Mediterranean flavours at their best. Fans of seafood will have an abundance of fresh catch from the Adriatic Sea whereas land-biased individuals will savour the famous Istrian truffles, olive oil and wines.

Istrian Truffle


Where can I get a veterinarian service in Poreč?

Poreč is well-equipped to cater to the health and well-being of your pets. The town and its surrounding area boast several veterinary clinics and animal care centres, offering a range of services from emergency care to routine check-ups.

Is Poreč a good family destination?

Absolutely! Poreč is a family-friendly destination with activities and attractions suitable for all ages.

Do Croatian people like animals?

Yes, Croatians are known for their love of animals, which is evident in how pets are welcomed in public spaces and accommodations.