Dalmatia is without a doubt one of the best holiday regions in Croatia. It's not just the romantic bays or the beautiful landscape. Unique cities complete the picture of Dalmatia. Read on and I'll give you 4 reasons why you should make Dalmatia your next holiday destination.


Cultural sights

Baska Voda

Baska Voda is andating archaeological siteback to 1700 BC. Dates back to about. If you have seen enough of this, a visit to the Shell and Local History Museum is not far away. Round off the day with a stroll through the city.



Sibenik is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in Dalmatia. The main attractions of this city are:

  • Cathedral of St. James (is under the protection of UNESCO and is titled World Heritage)
  • Fortress of St. Ana
  • The Republic Square.
Makarska, another city in Dalmatia thatits visitors with enchantsKacic Square and the Franciscan and Oratorian Monasteries .


This town is located on a peninsula in front of Dalmatia. Primosten is known for the church of St. Juraj and the port of Kremik with one of its worth seeing marina.


Beaches in Dalmatia

Over the years Croatia has become one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Europe. This trend did not go past Dalmatia. It is worth nothing that in Dalmatia there are many recreational opportunities, both with and without children. Divers, sailors but also hikers and climbers will find here a true paradise.

Stiniva, Vis

Stinive vis

If you believe the opinion of many holidaymakers, Stiniva is one of the best sandy beaches in Europe. However, to get to the beach, you need to walk to the taxi boat in the bay of Rukavac . The beach is breathtakingly quiet with a narrow ocean entrance with crystal clear water. The sandy beach is surrounded by high cliffs, so you have shade at all times.

Zlatni rat, Brač


Image credits Szabolcs Emich

This beach is not only one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia, it is also the landmark of the island of Brac. Due to ocean currents and waves, this beach changes its appearance again and again, a spectacle for all interested vacationers. At this 500-meter-long beach, you can practice almost every imaginable water sport or even lie in the sun, if you feel like it. Zlatni rat, Brač is ideal for families with children.

Raduča, Primošten

Raduča, the beach in Primošten is a popular beach for both locals and tourists alike. It pays off to come early in the morning to secure a place. Raduča is ideal for families with children. Sports enthusiasts can tennis, volleyball, badminton enjoyand many other activities.

For refreshment, there is a bar with countless drinks or a restaurantwhere youdelicious Dalmatian dishes can enjoy.


The weather in Dalmatia

The weather in Dalmatia falls under the region of the Adriatic coast with its Mediterranean climate. This is an area for those who like to be hot and dry with lots of sun. July and August are the hottest months, with up to 30 degrees. The water at that time is between 23 and 24 degrees. It rarely rains in these two months. However, you should expect some deviations along the coastal regions.



Culinary delights from Dalmatia

The Dalmatian cuisine is characterized by its always fresh seafood . But more, by the preparation of all dishes. Although much steamed, some of the food tastes especially good from the grill. Typical of this is the "Gradele", a rust that is placed in the embers. The "peka" is a cast-iron bell in which the fish or meat are cooked together with vegetables and potato in the hot ashes. Fish and vegetables are among the typical foods that are refined with herbs such as sage, laurel, rosemary and basil and olive oil. The result is the taste typical of the area. However, mussels, lamb, veal and poultry are also found on the menu. 


Traditional restaurants serving Dalmatian cuisine are called "konoba". Not to forget the Dalmatian ham, "Prsut", which is enjoyed with cheese and olives as an appetizer.

If you are in Dalmatia, try the fish soup. It is always made with fresh fish from the Adriatic, garlic, celery, parsley, rice and some olive oil.

Always traditional and delicious is the "brudet", a seafood stew with palenta. The word itself comes from the Italian word polenta, which indicates that this dish is part of the Italian heritage. Various types of fish and shellfish, including skampi and crabs, are often used for this dish.

And last but not least, the "black risotto", a rice dish made from octopus and squid. These give the risotto not only its name, but also its unmistakable taste.


Life in Dalmatia is easy and this is also expressed in the kitchen. Fresh ingredients and easy preparation are the key words for the Dalmatian cuisine. The Dalmatians have made a name for themselves worldwide!