An experience for all - sailing in Dalmatia

sailing dalmatia croatia

There is hardly a more perfect way to pamper the entire family with a relaxing holiday than spending a day at the water. Dalmatia offers many family-friendly sailing trips, offering a balanced mix of history, culture and water sports for all concerned.

Experience on board our beautiful ships all the amazing cultural sights, the blue waters and the activities that Dalmatia has to offer. Most entrepreneurs require a minimum age of 9 years. Always popular are sailing trips, where you jump from one island to another. What starts with one day can be extended to several days.

For families who do not have a license themselves, a crew can be provided for most entrepreneurs.

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Museum of the Senses

museum of senses - split dalmatia

If you spend a few days in Split, you simply can not miss the Museum of the Senses. It is in fact, a fun for young and old.

If you think that your senses have become a bit dull, this museum will provide you with true training for your senses. Stroll through the museum's five rooms, each of which appeals to your vision, hearing, smell, touch and balance. In the labyrinth of mirrors, bump into your own image, smell the scents of local winds, and restore your balance by walking in a whirlpool.


Submarine tour on Split

submarine split dalmatia

The semi-submarine Marijeta begins its journey in Riva (the promenade), which is located in the center of the port of Split. This unique ship offers a pleasant and safe tour. It is not only very interesting, but also ideal for adults and children of all ages. The submarine remains above sea level at all times while its hull, the underwater observatory, is 1.5 meters below the surface. Through your personal window you can observe the abundance of marine life. You can leave your cabin at any time and walk on the deck to enjoy the spectacular view of the historic complex of Split with the Diocletian's Palace.

You can choose between day tours and night tours with underwater lights.

If you need accommodation in Split, we can offer you a large selection of villas with private pool.


Visit the Plitvice Lakes

plitvice lakes croatia

The Plitvice Lakes are one of the most unique places in Dalmatia. With easy walking trails, promenades floating above the turquoise waters, breathtaking viewpoints and photogenic waterfalls, this is the perfect location for visitors of all ages.

With different lakes, four different trails, seven routes through the park and two different entrances, visitors will never be bored.

On the spot you will learn how to get to the most beautiful waterfalls, how to look at the park from a bird's-eye view and how to get to the viewpoint Veliki Slap, from where you can see the Plitvice Lakes.


Walking tour of Zadar's Old Town

beautiful old town Zadar - Dalmatia

Zadar combines ancient history and culture with innovation, creating a dynamic, vibrant city that has remained faithful to its ancient roots. In 2016, Zadar was voted the best European travel destination. Before you set off, get yourself a map of the city. These are available at any tourist office. 

Zadar is an easily accessible old town that juts out into the Adriatic Sea. Here you can see authentic Roman ruins, in addition there are many museums worth seeing. It's best to start at Land Gate, at the small harbor of Fosa. From here, go through the gate and turn right into Five Wells Square (named after the five fountains that supplied water to the city until 1838). Turn right again at Smiljanica. Visit the Saint Simeon Church, where you can admire the golden sarcophagus of Saint Simeon. The medieval coffin is covered with gilded silver reliefs inside and out. A true masterpiece of culture. 

To really get to know Zadar, you should spend at least a day in the city. For food and drink, there are countless restaurants and snack bars.


A day trip from Split to the Blue Cave

The Blue Cave is the first destination that you will see on your day trip from Split. The Blue Cave is located on the east side of the island of Biševo. The speedboat ride from Split to the Blue Cave takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. On this crossing, it is likely that you can watch dolphins. Especially in the morning, when there are still few people on the water, these sightings are particularly interesting. If possible, the boat will approach the dolphins so you can take unforgettable pictures. 

The Blue Cave has been open to the public since 1884. From here you can explore the Blue Cave with a small boat, as the entrance to the cave is only 1.5m high. An experience that will be remembered for a long time. 

The entrance fee for this is already included in the tour price.