Located in the Southern Dalmatia, Korcula is one of the most magnificent destinations to visit in Croatia. The small 279 sq km island is one of the sailing adventures for tourists and travelers. A place of culture, beauty, history, and charm, Korcula will never leave you offhanded or unimpressed. The island of Korcula offers a variety of activities, perfectly supported by awesome weather and blessed with sunny Adriatic.

Planning a trip to Croatia? Explore Korcula.

What to see in Korcula

The picturesque old town of Korcula


As with the other cities in Croatia, Korcula itself has its history and culture. With a population of about 3000 inhabitants only, Korcula is a medieval old town with towers and monuments with red rooftops as Dubrovnik. With the Venetian styled buildings, the city sits on the UNESCO Tentative list and is an integral part of Croatia's culture. The old town is grooved with narrow streets with local people running their businesses while still enjoying life. The town's architectural layout was very strategically designed to protect people from the winds and sea waves.

This is one of the best places to visit when on a trip to Korcula, as you will find the local artisans displaying their talents in the local markets.

Old town of Korcula

Marco Polo's Home

Legend has it that Marco Polo, the famous explorer, writer, and traveler, was born in Korcula. Despite the belief of Venice being the home to him, nobody knows where he was born. For the history and mystery lovers, visiting Marco Polo's alleged birthplace is something to drool about. Situated on the street of Ulica Depolo, a portion of the house is open to travelers. Although the interior of the house is not commendable. Forgetting the interiors, the tower in the house gives a spectacular panoramic view of the Korcula, which is to die for.


image credit: Brian Adamson

Korcula Town Museum

Housed in the beautiful Gabriel's Palace, Korcula Town Museum is the perfect example of 15th and 16th-century architecture and artwork. A superb insight into cultural development, the museum is situated in the old town's central square. The collections and some of the remarkable artifacts include an ancient tablet which proves the presence of Greeks on the island, far back in the 3rd B.C.

The historic fanatics will love this museum as it displays some of the rare artifacts making it one of the best places to visit in Korcula.

Olive Oil Fields

Other than history, Korcula is also famous for its olive oil. Prominently situated in the western part of the island, olive oil fields is another hotspot tourist place on this island. Known for its traditional production, figs, and wines, Vela Luka is the best place to visit if you love to explore some of the finest olive oils in the world.

The excellence of the local and flavourful extra-virgin olive oil is to die for. Being on the list of Protected Designations of the origin (PDO) of the European Commission, the olive oil produced on this island is of the superior quality made from authentic traditional methods. With thousands of Olive Farms, this is by far one of the best olive oils you will ever encounter.

Olive tree

What to do in Korcula


Being an island, Korcula is famous for its water sport activities and having a relaxing time with friends and families. Thanks to the glorious Korcula weather and the prime location of the island, the summer winds allow the windsurfers to enjoy plenty of movement in and about the waters.

Be it travelers or the locals, windsurfing and various other water sports like jet-skiing and Kayaking in the Adriatic Sea are some of the activities that people enjoy. With different wind-surfing schools offering assistance to people, even the beginners can make the most of this time and create long-lasting memories.


image credit: neiljs

Cycle around the island

One of the best ways to explore Korcula's island is to rent a cycle and start roaming around. A leisurely pedal through the countryside, Korcula Island is the perfect destination for cycle enthusiasts. Cycling around, reminiscing the beauty and the architectural formation of this historic town, is one of the best ways to spend time on this island.

The south-east coastline of Korcula Town is one of the best pathways to cycle around without any hilly region and sea by the other side. Thus, making it the perfect activity to be done when on Korcula Island.

Spend an evening at the beaches

With secluded beaches, pebble bays and clear blue sea, Korcula is blessed with some of the most extraordinary beaches in the world. These stunning beaches are more in the secluded spots far away from the hustle of the city. Spending time in the sea, playing beach volleyball, or Pichigin while looking at the twilight with your partner will leave you spellbound.

Also, exploring the clear water through Kayaking is another activity travelers and tourists should have on their bucket list. The best beaches in Korcula are in the village of Lombarda. With kids building sandcastles at Prizna Beach or Bilin Zal Beach, adults can head over to the ice-cream shops nearby.


image credit: Remus Pereni

Enjoy Local Brew

Along with the olive oil industry, the local craft beer industry at Korcula Island is blooming. With its brewery and pub, this is one of the best places for golden liquid lovers who are always enthusiastic to try the local brews of a home. Many bars in the old town and on beaches serve the local beer and also craft beer from other places in Croatia, making it a perfect way to experience the tastes and flavors of the land of thousand islands, Croatia.

There is a lot of history on this island, and one can never get enough of it. This is the perfect place to get away from our daily lives and spend some quality time with our loved ones while staying in villas with a pool in Korcula and exploring this medieval town.

Now, all you have to do is pack your bags and fly over to Croatia.

Craft beer


Happy Holidaying!