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Are you planning your next vacation in Croatia? Then Istria is the right county for you! On you will find your perfect villa with pool!

Croatian villas with pool in Istria

Croatia is one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe. The peninsula of Istria is a top destination in Croatia: Lonely bays, picturesque harbor towns, crystal clear sea and the gastronomy in Istria attract more than three million tourists every year and it is getting more important to get a good accommodation on this Croatian peninsula. With you will find the right villa for you and your family in Istria. All our holiday villas in Istria are equipped with a swimming pool and offer you maximum comfort during your holiday on this Croatian peninsula. Our extensive range of holiday villas in Istria allows you to find the right villa. With you can rent the perfect villa in Istria! We have the perfect villa in Istria for every occasion. If you look for villa for your family or together with your friends - with us there is something for everyone! Enjoy your vacation in a beautiful villa with pool in Istria! Our villas in Istria are located in different locations, so you can decide for yourself whether you want to spend your holidays close to the city or in a quieter environment. We have the right holiday villas in Croatia for you.

How to reach Istria

Istria is located in the northwest of Croatia and is the closest holiday destination for tourists from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In terms of transport, Istria is well connected to neighboring countries. For example, from Munich, you can reach the coastal city of Umag in just 5.5 hours by car. When traveling by car, keep in mind that you have to comply with the vignette in Italy, Austria and Slovenia. In Italy, additional tolls may apply.

You can also reach Istria easily by plane. Croatian airports have the advantage that they are very small, so you can find your way around quickly and easily. Mostly, the desired resort is outside the airports. Here we recommend taking a taxi or taking the airport bus to the nearest train station or resort. For example, if you want to visit Poreč, you can fly to Pula and then continue to Poreč.

Discover the treasures of Istria

The port city of Poreč is a great area for nature lovers! Baredine Cave and Brijuni National Park are two of the many places of interest in Poreč, where you can admire the incredible natural beauty of Istria. Not to be missed are the breathtaking beaches in Istria! In almost every coastal town of Istria, there are a number of secluded bays, but Istria has much more to offer! For the romantics Rovinj is the right holiday resort in Istria. Here begins a journey through the Venetian epoch of the city. Via the square Marsala Tita you will reach the landmark of the city, the church Sv. Eufemija, which towers over the old town. Also the cities Umag, Labin and Rabac are worth seeing. For cultural enthusiasts, for example, it pays to visit Istria in July. Numerous art exhibitions, culinary events and musical experiences await you on the Croatian peninsula! In July every Thursday and Friday the Art Republika takes place in Labin: actors, musicians and artists entertain the audience. In addition, there are opera festivals in Pula with national and international interpreters, who present themselves in the antique setting amphitheater in Pula. In August you can visit the Street Art Festival in Poreč where street performers, musicians, dancers and jugglers perform in the streets of Poreč.


Fun in Istria

Istria has a lot to offer and there is something for everyone! If you are traveling with the family, it is worthwhile to rent a villa with pool in Pula! In Pula there are various recreational activities, including children's entertainment. A very special highlight is the safari park in Pula: Here you can admire elephants, llamas, zebras, camels and many other animal species.

Sports enthusiasts will find what they are looking for in Istria. The bike paths in Istria are a great way to discover the natural attractions. Parenzana is a good example of this: rivers, forests, konobas, hidden chapels and ancient ruins await you. Also the divers are in good hands in Istria. The underwater world of the Adriatic offers a variety of exciting discoveries: There are reefs, caves, ship wrecks and various plants to see. You can dive all year round in Istria, but the best time is between May and September. There are many shipwrecks along the Istrian coast, and the Brijuni National Park has many stunning plant and animal species. A very special highlight for nature lovers: In central Istria you can visit the Učka Nature Park. It is connected to the Ćićarija mountain range and lies on the northern coast of the Adriatic. For those who do not want to dive, but still want to marvel at the underwater world, it is worth visiting the Aquapark in Poreč!

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