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Summer vacation in Buzet sure sounds like a dream. Due to its boost in popularity, finding accommodation in this Croatian gem is of great importance. That is why Villsy offers you 12 villas to rent in Buzet. The renting prices can vary, with the average weekly rate for these holiday homes being € 1070. The most affordable villas start at € 670, while more expensive ones start at about € 1470 weekly.

Our guests seem to favor the month of July for their stay, as that is when most reservations are made. Similar to other tourist destinations in Istria, villas are usually reserved in advance. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help when booking a luxury villa in Buzet.

Buzet Travel Guide

Rent a villa in Buzet

In the extreme north of Istria, close to the border with Slovenia is Buzet. The “city of truffles" is located on a medieval hill, above a very fertile valley. Here flows the largest river in Istria, the Mirna.

Buzet is known for its truffles, which are mainly present in the “hunting area" of Istria. Some voices claim that the Istrian white truffle is comparable to the white truffle from the Italian region of Alba.

If you are looking for action, then Buzet is the right place for you. Especially free climbers and climbers will be thrilled by the exciting climbing course of Buzet. The most popular climbing routes include Raspadalica (Skill: 6), Nugla (Skill: 7+) and Roc (Skill: 6+).

So that you can fully enjoy your holiday in Buzet, Villsy has chosen the best holiday villas for you! Be it a villa with a pool for a romantic holiday for two or a XXL villa with pool for the whole family – we have various offers for you!

How to reach Buzet

The best way to reach Buzet by car. You may be able to travel by plane to Buzet, but you have to take a longer trip from the airport.

By car you can reach Buzet via Austria and Slovenia. If you are blocked, you can alternatively take a route via Italy. It is important to note the tolls and vignette required. The journey from Munich takes about 6 hours to Buzet at a distance of 520 km.

By plane, the journey is much more complicated. You must first land in Pula to get to Buzet from there. Here you can use the taxi or a rental car. From Pula, the drive to Buzet takes one hour at a distance of 90 km.

Discover Buzet

If you walk through the old streets and alleys, you also get fantastic views of the surrounding area. You can see all around the old city walls, city gates and the palaces Bembo and De Vertis.

Also the churches of St. George and St. Veit are impressive buildings from the time of the Renaissance. In the area of ​​Buzet there is also a lot to discover. The avenue of the Glagolites between the historic towns of Roc and Hum is also interesting to explore.

In Hum you can visit the Church of the Assumption. It was built at the beginning of the 17th century on the foundation of an old 13th century church. In Roc you can also find a part of the history of Croatia.

Bartholomew’s Church is the largest church in the village. It has three naves and its bell tower dates from 1676. Another important building in Roc is the church of Sv Rok. Her frescoes from the 14th century make her something very special.

The single-nave church in Romanesque style is adorned by a semicircular encapsulated apse. Here the wall painting is painted in two layers: the older layer dates from the 14th century and the younger layer from the second half of the 15th century.

In the lower part of the apse you can see the depiction of scenes from the life of the saints. In the upper part of the apse you can see that a local artist painted here under Italian influence. On the way to Roc and Hum you can explore the village Kotli, there are also numerous historical traces.

Leisure activities in Buzet

In Buzet you can admire the beautiful nature of Croatia. Numerous hiking and cycling routes lead through the idyllic landscape of Croatia. A wide network of beautiful trails runs through the valley Mirna. Recommended are the trails in Parenzana west of Buzet and the surrounding area in and around Pazin, about 38 km south of Buzet.

Also horse fans come in Buzet: About 11 km south of Buzet you will find the horse farm Dolina Konja, which is located near the Glagoliten Allee.

You should not forget the culinary variety of Buzet. Especially if you are in Buzet in September and October, do not miss the Truffle Days! On the second weekend in September, a big folk festival takes place, where a large traditional egg dish is served in a large pan that is several meters in diameter. Here more than 2,000 eggs and about 10 kilograms of truffles are prepared, so that the official “Truffle Days" can begin.

For the rest of the year, make yourself comfortable in the taverns, country inns and taverns in Buzet. If you are looking for a supermarket, you will find a Mercator in the Naselje Baraka 5. Here you can buy everything you need for your everyday life.

Rent a villa with pool in Buzet

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