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Windsurfing in Croatia - activities while holidaying

If you think that surfing is only for Polynesian culture and connected to the islands of Hawaii, you are mistaken! During the past years, Croatia has become the go-to destination for surfers all around the globe.

Croatia is famous due to its strong southern waves, which often reach a height of over two meters. Experienced surfers come here due to the challenges such as irregular winds pose. Also, professional surfers train on the Croatian coast due to the rocky bottoms that test their skills. 

The best windsurfing spots include Pula, Umag, Labin, Opatija, Split, and Brac Island.

All around the year, there are organized local and international windsurfing competitions, which is why you can find on the Croatian coast all the services required to enjoy this sport!

Windsurfing Pula

Istria is the go-to windsurfing destination in Europe due to its impressive geographical position. And Pula is a favorite spot among windsurfing enthusiasts because of the constant optimal wind conditions. The water temperature around Pula ranges between 15 and 24 degrees Celsius (April to December. But the best part about traveling to Pula to windsurf is that you have several wind-friendly spots, which allow you to select the best windsurfing beach based on your knowledge and level of experience.

Overall, windsurfing in Pula is excellent for both experienced and beginner surfers. 

Windsurfing Rovinj

Rovinj has been for several years a go-to destination for those that want to learn to surf. There are plenty of windsurfing teaching instructors available in the area for both beginner and intermediate courses. You can improve your surfing with the help of experts. But what makes windsurfing in Rovinj special is the perfect weather conditions throughout the year. The average wind speed throughout the year is 5 knots, while the temperature average is 16 degrees Celsius.

A pro tip for windsurfing in Rovinj is that the windiest months of the are from March to August. So, make sure you plan your trip during this timeframe. Of course, all year round, you will discover here welcoming weather and winds for the best windsurfing experience in Croatia. 

Windsurfing Porec

Porec has plenty of beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters. And this mild Mediterranean climate welcomes yearly plenty of windsurfing enthusiasts. You can experience a unique activity in a relaxing environment, with mild and reliable winds. Porec is one of the least dangerous or unpredictable windsurfing spots, so you can surf here without worries. No matter your level of experience, you will discover in this area several top windsurfing spots.

This town-beach offers access to numerous windsurfing teaching schools and equipment rental centers. You can discover another side of Istria with a visit to Porec!