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Luxurious Rovinj villas with a pool

The picturesque town of Rovinj is located on the west coast of Istria, between Porec and Pula. Rovinj’s center is formed by a vibrant waterfront and its romantic old town. Here you will experience a journey back in time to the Venetian era as you enter a labyrinth of charming streets and houses. Numerous sights, cafes and restaurants make Rovinj an idyllic town with a unique flair, but the landmark you cannot miss is the church of St. Euphemia.

Beach lovers will find many beautiful places along the Rovinj Riviera. The most popular beaches include Baluota and the beaches of the "Golden Cape", such as the beach Lone. For those of you who want to stay in shape even on vacation, there are numerous sports and leisure activities to choose from that make the beach an action-packed experience. In the evening you can enjoy the culinary variety on the Rovinj waterfront promenades. Numerous taverns, restaurants and “konobas” offer traditional Istrian food.


To top all of this off and to make sure you have a vacation to remember, book your stay in one of Rovinj villas . Many of them come with a pool, and we have selected the best ones for you ourselves. On you can choose your Rovinj villa with a pool and easily rent it with just a few clicks during your stay in town. There is something for everyone - no matter if you want a more intimate accommodation, an extra-large villa with a pool for the whole family like Eco Villa Valencano, or something more modern and luxurious like Villa Eleven. Find the right Rovinj villa with Villsy!

How to reach Rovinj

Many roads lead to Rovinj - the city can be reached by car, plane, and ferry. Since Rovinj is located on the west coast of Istria, it is recommended to drive over from Austria and Slovenia as it really won’t take you too long. Pay attention to the tolls and the vignette, though.

If you want to reach Rovinj comfortably by plane, you can land in Pula and continue from there continue by taxi or a rental car. This will take you around 40 minutes, but buses operate between the two towns, too. 

As far as ferries are concerned, there are some that reach Rovinj from Venice and Ravenna. This is a very nice ride and it will take about three hours, so you will be able to enjoy northern Adriatic quite thoroughly.

Discover Rovinj and its surroundings

Rovinj is known for its cultural heritage. The old town holds numerous sights, the main attractions in the area. Historic buildings such as the baptismal church of the Holy Trinity and the Franciscan Monastery from the 18th century are excellent examples of that, and Balbi’s Arch in a wonderful way to enter that exquisite part of the town. Special highlights include the Gandusio Theater, the City Clock, the City Palace and the galleries along the Grisia Street.


The towns around Rovinj also have a lot to offer in terms of landscape and culture. If you want to enjoy the beautiful nature of Istria, you should definitely make a detour to Lim Fjord, primarily because of the unique flora and fauna that await you here. Oh, and free climbing enthusiasts will find some great rocks here. Climbers are actually in for a treat in Rovinj. The most visited climbing area is within the forest park Zlatni Rt, a relatively simple rock but with an unforgettable sunset. In Kanfanar, you can marvel at sacral buildings and enjoy the idyllic beaches, whereas Bale and Rovinjsko Selo are perfect for enjoying the nature of Istria.

After an eventful day in Rovinj and its surroundings, you can retreat to your holiday villa and enjoy the evening. What could be better than relaxing in a beautiful stone house, something like Villa Elli or Villa Elena, after a hot day in the sun?

What to do in Rovinj

As already mentioned, there is also a wide range of leisure activities and things to do in Rovinj. Sports enthusiasts will find plenty of opportunities to let off steam here thanks to numerous cycling and hiking trails that lead to some fantastic natural parks, beaches, old railway lines, old churches, ornithological reserves and much more. The best way to explore the routes is by mountain bike since the paths are not paved. 

If you’re more of a water person, you can explore the underwater world of Rovinj. There are numerous diving clubs here, and they also organize beginner courses. Among the most attractive diving sites are the underwater landscapes around the islands of Figarola, Banjol, Šturag and St. John (Sv. Ivan), as well as the wreck of Austrian Baron Gautsch. To get to know the Rovinj archipelago, you can sail or paddle around, too. Generally, the sea here is very calm and in summer you can feel a light breeze on your face. These are excellent conditions for a nice day trip. In one of the windsurfing centers or travel agencies, you can get all the necessary equipment.

Rent villas in Rovinj with Villsy

As already mentioned, we have the best holiday villas for your holiday in Istria or the rest of Croatia! On our website, you will find hand-picked villas, each of which was visited and appraised by our team! With us, you can be sure that every villa in Istria you choose will provide you with the highest comfort. 

If you have questions, you can reach us 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are always there for you, no matter what happens! You can conveniently book your luxurious villa in Istria online. Villsy always offers you the best deals so that you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest!

Rovinj villas with a pool | Find the one that suits you best

Coming for a vacation to Rovinj? Stay in one of Rovinj villas with a pool and enjoy the ultimate luxury on this incredible piece of the Adriatic.