In a country full of coastal gems, Opatija is still one of those gems which stand out from the rest. In the northwestern part of Croatia, a small coastal town is one of the top-visited places by tourists. Every city in Europe has its own culture and history, and Opatija is no less. A perfect destination for an escape from everyday life and bustle of metropolitan cities, this waterside town is just a ‘sail away.’

Popularly known for its Mediterranean climate and historic buildings reminiscing about the Austrian Riviera, Opatija is a magnificent city with lots of gems hidden in its marvelous coasts. Opatija, being the home of Croatian Tourism, is the place where it all began. Exploring the unique seashores, with hillsides and Roman, Venetian, and various other cultures, it all began from Opatija.

We guess that’s why it is one of the must-visit places when on a trip to Croatia.

Planning a trip to Croatia? Explore Opatija.


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What to see in Opatija

Maiden with a Seagull

One of the most famous tourist spots in Opatija is the ‘Girl with a Seagull.’ The tragic symbols of the Kvarner Bay is a symbol in the entire Kvarner region. Elegantly standing on the reef beside Lungomare Promenade, this statue attracts most of the tourists visiting Opatija. What intrigues the tourists is her history and exciting story and identity, which was unknown for decades. Girl with a Seagull is one of the most controversial statues of the time with mysteriously disappearing fish and with vandals removing the gull from the structure. Despite all of this, the Maiden still stands to remind everybody of the charming and beguiling Opatija.

Girl with seagull

Museum of Croatian Tourism

A city for the higher strands of society, Opatija is still regarded as the heart of Croatia. The Villa Angiolina, which was the heart of the crowd, houses the Museum of Croatian Tourism. A specialized national institution that researches, gathers, and displays the material and non-material vital findings related to tourism in Opatija and Croatia. The heritage and the resources present within the items displayed at this museum are of such relevancy that it is a source of significant findings from the past. The museum is a witness to the rich history of tourism in Croatia. Not only the past, but the museum also exhibits the changing nature of tourism with the changing world in Croatia.

Hence, this is the perfect place for travelers who want to dive deep into traveling history.


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Walk of Fame

Walking underneath the sky with the stars in Europe is a dream come true for everyone. This might not be the same as honoring the celebrities as in the USA, but this walk is famous for something else. The Walk of Fame in Opatija holds in high esteem all the honored Croatian names. The famous street reveals some of the incredible histories of Croatia. We know that Opatija is one of the most historical places in Croatia; thus, it is justified that this walk is located in this city.

Although Croatia is just a small part in the scheme of things throughout the world, it properly lays out its contribution to the world.

What to do in Opatija

Spend a lazy day on Beach

Are you thinking about heading for a perfect summer holiday? What better place than Croatia, Europe? Croatia is famous for its white pebbled beaches, clear blue seas, and excellent beaches worldwide. With fantastic water sports options and jaw-dropping sunset views, there is no better place than Opatija to walk towards the twilight with your loved one. The combination of crystal clear water with luxury beaches is the perfect way to describe Opatija beaches.

Wanna know the best thing about the Beach in Opatija? The dog beach. Yes, you heard it right. Opatija is one of some places where there is a Dog Beach. Dog lovers can take their pets to this Beach and play in the sand with the sea by the side while relaxing and sun-bathing.

Baech and the sea

Tranquility and relaxation at the wellness centers

With exploring the history of the town, Opatija is the perfect place to go for a relaxing holiday. Lazying around in villas with pool in Opatija or on the beaches is what we all ask for. The Opatija Riviera is famous for its wellness centers waiting for you to rejuvenate yourself from the tiring and exhausting everyday life. There are many health spas, some of which provide world-class facilities like a spa center with a sea view of the Adriatic Sea.

There is no other experience that will guarantee you the invigorating saunas, relaxing jacuzzis, and intense massages. Hence, no other place than Opatija.

Walk the old town and the promenade.

While visiting a place, we all love to explore the local Croatian culture and their way of life. Local markets and the old towns are the best places to start that. The old town of Opatija boasts the Austrian architecture, from where the Croatian tourism started. People in Opatija are amicable and probably the thing that attracts most of the tourists. Meeting the local fishermen and discovering the narrow, charming streets of Opatija is the best way to spend the late afternoon while shopping with the local artisans gathering souvenirs that will stay with you forever.

After a tiring stroll through the old town of Veprinac or Volosko with seafront promenade, you will owe your dinner to some of the local Istrian restaurants, with mouth-watering food, making it one of the best ways to explore Opatija.

Thus, Opatija is probably one of the most historical places in Europe or even in the world. Then why should one miss the opportunity to visit history with the perfect combination of the contemporary world?

Sipping local wines along with traversing through history, Opatija has to be on your list of places to visit when on a trip to Croatia.

Happy Holidaying!

Opatija promenade