Embark on a culinary odyssey through the enchanting region of Istria in Croatia, where the cuisine is as captivating as the picturesque coastal villages and rich history. Istria beckons, not just as a travel destination but as a haven for food enthusiasts. Join us as we unveil the treasures of Istria's gastronomic scene with the top 15 fish and seafood restaurants that promise an experience beyond the ordinary.

1. Restaurant Monte - Rovinj

Nestled in the old town of Rovinj, a stone's throw from the Basilica of Saint Euphemia, Monte stands as an undisputed gem in Istria. A Michelin-starred establishment, it offers a five-course tasting selection showcasing the region's traditional fish and beef dishes with a modern twist, using ingredients sourced directly from local farmers' markets.

Monte, Montalbano 75, Rovinj, Croatia, +385 52 830 203
Restaurant Monte - Rovinj

2. Tavern Batelina - Banjole

Batelina, an innovative seafood haven in Banjole, has gained acclaim from both locals and global gourmets. Managed by a seasoned fisherman's family, indulge in specialities like fish-shark liver pate, bonito tartare, octopus stew, and fish carpaccio. An order of diverse delights guarantees a marvellous culinary voyage.

Čimulje 25, Banjole, 52100, Croatia, +385 52 573 767
Tavern Baletina - Banjole

3. Restaurant Damir & Ornella - Novigrad

Situated in Novigrad, Damir & Ornella is a seafood lover's paradise in the valley of the river Mirna. Delight in freshly caught seafood, from fish to lobster, clams, calamari, and crabs, expertly prepared and served with wine. It's a gastronomic adventure tailor-made for lovers of the sea's bounty.

Zidine ul. 5, Novigrad, 52466, Croatia, +385 52 758 134
Restaurant Damir & Ornella - Novigrad

4. Tavern Čok - Novigrad

Just steps away from Novigrad's old town, Tavern Čok offers an array of fascinating fish dishes and homemade pasta. Fresh oysters, lobster pasta, and grilled sea bass are absolute classics, with the daily menu crafted based on the day's catch. Prepare for a seafood symphony of flavours.

Sv. Antona 2, Novigrad, Istarska, 52466, Croatia, +385 52 757 643
Taverne Čok - Novigrad

5. Zenon Tavern & Enoteca - Brtonigla

Nestled in the heart of the truffle peninsula, Zenon Konoba & Enoteka beckons with a superb selection of traditional cuisine, spanning pasta, seafood, meat, and cold dishes. If you crave quality food in a rustic tavern style, Zenon Konoba & Enoteka is your go-to destination.

Zenon Konoba & Enoteka, Mlinska 2, Brtonigla 52474, Croatia, +385 95 897 9029
Zenon Tavern & Enoteca - Brtonigla

6. Barba Danilo - Rovinj

In Rovinj, the newly popular Barba Danilo is enticed with top-notch food and service. Families and larger groups can relish fish and meat dishes, with the terrace offering a unique dining experience. Their selection of fresh seafood dishes is nothing short of breathtaking.

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Polari, Rovinj, 52210, Croatia, +385 52 830 002

Barba Danilo - Rovinj

7. Tavern Kali - Medveja

Perched near white beaches and the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea, Konoba Kali specializes in seafood-filled ravioli and succulent grilled beefsteak. Immerse yourself in the authentic "Old World" atmosphere while enjoying the inviting terrace.

Konoba Kali, Kali 39a, Medveja, Lovran, Croatia, +385 98 563 872
Tavern Kali - Medveja

8. Tavern Toklarija - Sovinjsko polje

Located in the heart of Istria, surrounded by Motovun and Buzet, the fish restaurant Toklarija impresses with its historic building and terrace. Opt for the entire tasting menu to savour the essence of Istrian inland terroir, with all ingredients sourced locally.

Sovinjsko Polje, 52420, Croatia, +385 91 926 6769
tavern tolkarija - sovinjsko polje

9. Tavern " Kod Luce" - Vrsar

Kod Luce is a culinary secret in Istria, drawing patrons from afar with its consistently fresh and delectable fish dishes. The owner personally lends a hand when the restaurant is bustling. It's an ideal spot for families or a special evening with friends.

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Dalmatinska ul. 18, Vrsar, 52450, Croatia, +385 91 957 3621
Tavern " Kod Luce" - Vrsar

10. Tavern Buščina - Umag

Buščina in Umag offers rustic fare not to be missed, with a menu that evolves with the seasons to showcase the best local ingredients. Experience genuine Croatian fish specialities year-round, with the Adriatic squid gaining popularity. Immerse yourself in the high-quality service and meticulous planning that define Buščina.

Buščina, Buščina 18, Umag, Croatia, +38 552 732 088
Tavern Buščina - Umag


This list of the top 10 restaurants in Istria is just the beginning of your gastronomic journey. Istria's local cuisine promises an unforgettable adventure for your taste buds, no matter your culinary preferences. So, pack your bags and get ready to savour the flavours of Istria, where every meal is a celebration of the region's rich culinary heritage.


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