1. Restaurant Monte – Rovinj

Undisputed, Monte is one of the best restaurants in Istria. You will find this restaurant in the old town of Rovinj, not far from the Basilica of Saint Euphemia. The kitchen consists of a five-course tasting selection. All ingredients are obtained directly from the local farmers market. Here’s a creative overhaul of traditional Istrian seafood and traditional meat classics. Restaurant Monte is the proud owner of Michelin star.

Monte, Montalbano 75, Rovinj, Croatia, +385 52 830 203
Restaurant Monte - Rovinj

2. Tavern Batelina – Banjole

The Batelina is an innovative restaurant appreciated by locals and gourmets around the world. In fact, it is one of the best seafood restaurants in Croatia. This restaurant is still managed today by a fisherman’s family. Specialties include fish-shark liver pate, bonito tartare, octopus stew and fish carpaccio. Order a little bit of everything and you will have a marvelous experience.

Čimulje 25, Banjole, 52100, Croatia, +385 52 573 767
Tavern Baletina - Banjole

3. Restaurant Damir & Ornella – Novigrad

Damir & Ornella is known as one of the gastronomic adventures of Istria. You will reach Novigrad through the valley of the river Mirna. The family restaurant Damir & Ornella has been specially prepared for lovers of seafood. Freshly caught seafood is on offer – fish, lobster, clams, calamari,and crabs. Much of it is raw, lightly cooked or grilled and served with wine.

Zidine ul. 5, Novigrad, 52466, Croatia, +385 52 758 134
Restaurant Damir & Ornella - Novigrad

4. Tavern Čok – Novigrad

The Tavern Čok is only a few steps away from the old town of Novigrad. Here you will find fascinating fish dishes and a large selection of homemade pastas. The absolute classics are fresh oysters, lobster pasta and grilled sea bass. The daily menu depends on the day’s catch. Other specialties include a plate of raw fish and other seafood delicacies.

Sv. Antona 2, Novigrad, Istarska, 52466, Croatia, +385 52 757 643
Taverne Čok - Novigrad

5. Zenon Tavern & Enoteca – Brtonigla

Zenon Konoba & Enoteka is located in the heart of Croatia’s famous truffle peninsula. This restaurant offers a superb selection of traditional cuisine, ranging from pasta, seafood, meat, and cold dishes. If you want quality food in a rustic tavern-style, Zeno Konoba & Enoteka is the place for you.

Zenon Konoba & Enoteka, Mlinska 2, Brtonigla 52474, Croatia, +385 95 897 9029
Zenon Tavern & Wine Bar - Brtonigla

6. Barba Danilo – konoba gastronomica mediterranea -Rovinj


Barba Danilo Rovinj is one of the new discoveries in Rovinj when it comes to excellent food. This is a family restaurant, with excellent service and meals. The Barba Danilo Rovinj is not only suitable for families, but also groups up to 30 people. The terrace is especially unique. They are famous for their fish and meat dishes. The selection of dishes made from fresh seafood is breathtaking.

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Polari, Rovinj, 52210, Croatia, +385 52 830 002


7. Tavern Kali – Medveja

The Konoba Kali is located near white beaches and the crystal clear Adriatic Sea, with the background of towering limestone mountains. The specialty of this restaurant are ravioli filled with seafood. But also the beefsteak, which is grilled over open fire, finds its place here. Here you will experience the authentic atmosphere of the " Old World " and an inviting terrace.

Konoba Kali, Kali 39a, Medveja, Lovran, Croatia, +385 98 563 872
Tavern Kali - Medveja

8. Tavern Toklarija – Sovinjsko polje

The fish restaurant Toklarija is located in the heart of Istria, surrounded by Motovun and Buzet on the other side. Once a family home and olive oil mill, the building alone impresses with its backyard and terraces. It is recommended to order the entire tasting menu as it best reflects the essence of the Istrian inland terroir. All ingredients are sourced from local suppliers, not more than a few miles away.

Sovinjsko Polje, 52420, Croatia, +385 91 926 6769
tavern tolkarija - sovinjsko polje

9. Tavern " Kod Luce" – Vrsar

Konoba " Kod Luce " is one of the culinary secrets you will find in Istria. People come from far and wide to enjoy the always fresh and delicious fish dishes. Once the restaurant is really full, the owner helps to serve food. This restaurant is perfect for families or a special evening with friends.

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Dalmatinska ul. 18, Vrsar, 52450, Croatia, +385 91 957 3621

10. Tavern Buščina – Umag

Buščina is a restaurant for those who like rustic food. Buščina adapts menu to seasonal local products and that makes them special. As a result, Buščina offers authentic Croatian seafood specialties all year round . Especially the Adriatic squid, everybody is crazy about it. Let yourself be surprised by the excellent service and professional preparation.

Buščina, Buščina 18, Umag, Croatia, +38 552 732 088
Buscina restaurant - Istria, Croatian food


11. Restaurant Le Mandrać – Opatija

Le Mandrać is located in the old fishing port of Volosko. The decor is modern and a little adapted to the Scandinavian style. Gourmets have discovered Le Mandrać as their hotspot years ago. Are you looking for a fashionable and creative Mediterranean cuisine? You’ll find it here. They serve only fresh food made exclusively from local products.

Le Mandrać, Volosko, Opatija, Croatia, +385 51 701 357
restaurant le mandrac - Opatija

12. Restaurant Zigante – Livade

Whether you are looking for truffles or first-class fish dishes, you can’t miss with Zigante restaurant. Here you will find a seasonal menu of Mediterranean dishes, with a taste of Istria. The owner of Zigante is the man who won the 1999 Guinness World Record for the largest white truffle ever found.

Zigante, Livade 7, Livade, Croatia, +385 52 664 302
restaurant Zigante - Istria

13. Restaurant Pergola – Savudrija

The Pergola is known to its lovers for seasonal fish specialties. If you want something special, try the spider crab and cuttlefish prepared in a unique way. Order a la carte dish and get only the best of the best. Red mullet fillet stuffed with truffles is another specialty. However, if you want a little bit of everything, try the tasting menus.

Pergola, Suncana street 2, Savudrija. Reservations are essential. +385 52 759 685
restaurant pergola

14. Restaurant Badi – Umag

The restaurant Badi was opened in 1986. Since than, this restaurant has become one of the best seafood restaurants in Croatia. Especially recommended are bass in bread, squid on black lentil cream and queen scallop carpaccio with garlic mousse. As a gourmet restaurant and family business, you can expect excellent service and first-class dishes.

Umaska ​​street 12, Umag, +385 52 756 293
restaurant badi umag istria croatia

15. Restaurant Viking – Lim Bay

If you love seafood, you should not miss the restaurant Viking. Order the raw oysters, crustaceans or the grilled fish. Lobster is also an excellent option. This restaurant has its own oyster farm, as only fresh oysters are good enough for their guests. But not just an oyster habitat, the restaurant Viking also owns its own sea bream and sea bass kennels. You can be sure that only the freshest fish is served in Viking restaurant

Restaurant Viking, in Lim Bay, near Sveti Lovrec, +385 52 448 223
restaurant viking - villa for rent istria

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Selection by: Nino Batelic Paskic