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Villas for rent in Korčula


Croatian Villas with swimming pool in Korčula for rent


The wonderful Croatian island of Korčula - which, incidentally, is one of the islands in the central Dalmatian archipelago - is a paradise for sun-drenched beach tourists. Especially nice is, of course, if you have rented a small villa with pool, because you are independent and can really relax on your own pool in the circle of your loved ones.

But of course you should also explore the island a bit, because it has so much to offer.

The absolute must is the picturesque old town of Korčula, built like the bones of a fish. The large central "ridge" (road) leads from the city entrance to the top of the old town. Towards this point, about every 20 m leads to narrow and straight lanes - just like the bones of a fish. For a leisurely walk through all the bones, ie alleys, the old town you need half a day.

It is believed that the discoverer Marco Polo was born in Korčula - at least that is what the inhabitants of the city say. Accordingly, one meets everywhere the name of the great discoverer.

Also, a visit to the tower at the main entrance of the city wall is recommended, if you want to have a nice view over the city. Right next to it, lies the picturesque vegetable market.

Numerous quaint and high-quality restaurants in the old town offer Italian and Croatian cuisine and lots of fresh fish.


Getting to the island of Korčula


Since Korčula is an island, a ferry trip is of course an option. If you bring your car, you have the following options:

Orebić - Dominče (Korčula)

Split - Vela Luka (Korčula) - Ubli (Lastovo)

Coastline - Rijeka - Split - Hvar-Korčula - Dubrovnik-Bari

Who comes without a car to Korčula - so eg from the airport in Split or Dubrovnik - can use the faster catamarans:

Split - Hvar-Vela Luka (Korčula) - Ubli (Lastovo)

Split - Hvar - Prigradica - Korčula

Dubrovnik - Šipanska Luka - Sobra (Mljet) - Polače (Mljet) - Korčula - Ubli (Lastovo)

By the way, as in many old cities in Croatia, parking is not easy as the number of parking spaces is very limited.

On the other hand, the local mobility on the island is very good, as there are hourly bus connections from Lumbarda to the town of Korčula from 7 am to 19 pm. Between Korčula and Blato / Vela Luka they run four to six times a day.

Taxis are relatively expensive. You should therefore perhaps prefer to rent a car, scooter or bike and so independently and inexpensively explore the island.


What to discover on Korčula


Of course you should definitely visit the town of Korčula. Because Korčula is characterized by extremely beautiful and countless historical sights.

Already in the 15th century the impressive cathedral Sveti Marko was built in gothic style. Inside the church are beautiful works by Tintoretto, Jacopo Bassano and Andrijic. In front of the main entrance you will find the two "guardians" of the church - two mighty lion figures made of stone.

Also in Korčula the old town is the highlight. Particularly striking are the wonderful towers and walls. In any case, the Marco Polo House, the City Museum, the Church Svih Svetih and the Icon Museum should be on the sightseeing program.


What to do in Korčula


The beach of Lumbarda and of course the other beaches in the area are certainly a nice destination. Because what would be a stay in Croatia without the extensive stay on the beautiful beach - and certainly on an island!

In general, the active holidaymakers on Korčula are offered a lot. SO there are providers for partial underwater trips, sailing schools, scuba diving, cycling, deep sea diving, kayaking and much more.

You should definitely plan a trip to the national park Mljet.

Do not forget to have a wine tasting, because Korčula is a wine island. You should not buy the wine for heaven's sake in the supermarkets, where the prices are high and the quality comparatively poor. Much better is a wine tasting in one of the wineries on the island. Here you can taste the delicious wine and of course buy it. First, this is a beautiful activity and secondly, it supports the producers directly.


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