If you are a nudist we don't have to tell you anything about the benefits of nudism. Nobody knows how to be free and relaxed better than you. Istria is famous for beaches, food, and wine, but as a nudist, you want more. You want to become one with nature and enjoy in comfort which can be achieved only without any clothes.

Read this article and you’ll discover 3 nudist paradises in Istria.


Valalta beach, Rovinj - sand and small pebbles

Valalta beach, Rovinj - sandy and sunny

Rovinj is one of Istria's shiniest gems. If you want to experience a relaxed way of life typical for Mediteran Rovinj is the place for you. Choose a luxury villa in Rovinj and make it your base to explore Istria. 

You won’t have to go far to find a perfect nudist beach.

Valalta beach (and Naturist Camp) is located just 5,8 km north from Rovinj. It will take you 10 minutes with a car to reach Valalta. Once you get there it will take you forever to leave. Valalta Naturist Camp has everything a nudist could wish. Families enjoy freedom, water slides and other fun activities which we'll keep secret. Consider that a surprise from us. And trust us, it will be pleasant once you get there.Older people respect the peace and that's exactly what Valalta Beach offers. On top of that entering the sea is very easy, even if your legs aren’t as strong as before.

And couples. Oh, couples.
They simply love Valalta because it gives them a chance to fully bond with Istria and each other.

Sand and small pebbles are nature's red carpet on which you can walk naked.

Hold hands with your love and indulge in breathtaking sunsets. When Sun falls in the sea, stars will take its place. Look at the night sky and express love with your words and your body as well.


Ladin Gaj beach, Karigador - stones and the Blue Flag

Ladin Gaj beach for nudists and naturists in Istria

Just 11,3 km away from Umag you can find another heavenly nudist beach - Ladin Gaj.

The camp offers everything you could need. The restaurant will keep you full and you can grab a couple of cold ones in the shop so you can reach the next level of relaxation on the beach. You are a nudist and you love nature so there is no need to warn you about picking up after yourself.

The southern part of the beautiful Ladin Gaj is reserved for nudists. There you can sunbathe your whole body and let your soul rejuvenate in the Istrian sea. Entering the sea won’t make you any problems. Steps make it very easy, even for children. Find out how to make memories with your children in Istria.The sea in Ladin Gaj shows its whole beauty. At first glance, you'll notice how clear it is. The best evidence of clean sea is the famous Blue Flag.

If you insist on sandy beaches Ladin Gaj might not be attractive to you at first, but this beach is one of the reasons why Istria is such a hit among nudists.


Koversada camp, Vrsar - 5km of heaven and the Blue Flag

one of the most beautiful nudist beaches in Croatia - koversada - sandy paradise

Koversada beach (camp) is the place with the longest nudist tradition in Istria. It is one of Europe’s best nudist destination since its opening back in 1961 (58 years ago).

Koversada camp offers everything a nudist could wish for.
The most famous beach in the camp is Koversada beach. It is located on a small Koversada island and the whole beach is sandy. You can see a lot of families with children having a great time there.

On the other hand, if you don't want to be seen, the Koversada camp is perfect for that too.


With 5 km of beaches, it is impossible to lack any privacy in Koversada. The whole camp is divided into small beaches and bays. You will surely find a place to be alone with nature or with the love of your life.

All that sun, sea and sand will make you hungry. The camp has a restaurant, but in Vrsar, you can visit one of the best fish and seafood restaurants in Istria - konoba “kod Luce”.

It doesn't matter which beach you'll choose, we can guarantee you that you will have full physical, psychological and spiritual nudist experience in Istria. In the end, Istria isn't very big. Rent a car and you can explore everything it has to offer.   

Source: Visit Istria