a combination of sunny weather and crystal blue water of the Adriatic Sea is an astonishing experience? We certainly think so. In fact, one of the greatest addition to Labin is the town Rasa that was founded in 1936. People love this town because of the Church of Santa Barbara that was built in honor of the miners. The steeple of the church has a museum that is purely devoted to the miners.
Labin narrow streets
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Check List For The Town Labin- What To Do?

Visit Old town

The old town of Labin is set up on the hill, 320 m above the sea so you can enjoy a beautiful view right from the town. If you are a fan of ancient palaces then baroque palace is just the right one for you. You can even explore the town to view the Sanfior town gate. Otherwise, you can visit Fortica to view the scenic beauty around the sea.

The Island Of Cres is nearby and has several villages connected through the road. They run down to the middle of the Island. On one side of this island is the ferry from the mainland that goes to the city of Pula. One the other side is the bridge to 

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Sculpture Park Dubrova- Sculpted With Beauty

The Dubrova Sculpture Park is surrounded by valleys and natural highlands that cover over 33 hectares of land. It is partly surrounded by traditional drywalls. The international event named Mediterranean Sculpture Symposium in 1969 led to the creation of this park. From the 1970s, this event has been enriched with the collection of stone sculptures in Istria.

It is fascinating to see this dedication to the beauty of Istrian stone for the symbol of the city of Labin. You will get to see more than 70 sculptures that Bijela Cesta and the Dolac Amphitheater is the best addition to the part. You will love the theatre and concerts with intriguing performances.

Get Closer to History in Labin’s Museums

Another one is the National Museum. After eating delicious Istrian food if you feel like going for a walk then why not make a visit to the national museum. It was established by the National municipal committee in 1960. On the ground floor is the hall where you can view the sculptures of the Roman emperors and many others. Their separate halls are dedicated to the history of Labin giving more emphasis to the military period and industrial development of the city. The biggest plus is the descriptions that are written in four different languages. It is Croatian, Italian, German, and English.

Labin streets

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Experience the Underground World

For a breathtaking underground world view, you must go for the mine tour. Mine tours are known for their cross-border link between two cities. They are connected by a common mining past. If we talk about the technical mining heritage in Labin then it is supplemented with natural mining heritage in Litija. So it gives people a rich experience both above and below the ground. By visiting both the locations you get an opportunity to learn about the architectural and cultural heritage of the mine in Labin along with underground parts of the mine in A good restaurant and bar that serves the best food and drinks are in every traveler’s checklist. People love traveling and if the place offers great food it doubles the joy of traveling. You will get a similar feeling after eating at cafes that serve the best wine, Labin is a place to rejoice.

In fact, there are multiple villas with pools that offer great ambiance to the tourists to enjoy a relaxing dinner with a view. If you haven’t got your hands on Croatia’s olive oil then the restaurant's yummy food is definitely going to grow your attention towards it. They offer award-winning olive oil that you won’t get anywhere else.

Journey Through The Mountains

Experience the bewildering combination of natural beauty and heritage on tourist trails and paths in the Labin area. You can walk down the 40km long Labin hiking trail that starts from the lighthouse on cape Crna punta across the historic Labin and Rabac.

Similarly, there are multiple options for you to closely encounter the scenic beauty of the mountains. One of the most popular ones is the Ucka. It is the only mountain that is located in the Dinaric mountain range stretching northeast-southwest. The steep slopes display alternations of rocks, grassland, and woods while offering spectacular views from their tops. The water springs, its closeness while being separated from the sea make Ucka one of the most special and unique mountains near Labin. 

will be surprised by the number of unique things it offers to travelers. Take a break from this hectic life and experience true beauty.

View from Labin

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