Istria and its inland are the most popular Croatian destinations for short, one-day trips, especially because this area is very well connected to the rest of the country. 

This means that, wherever you’re staying in Croatia, it is possible for you to come to Istria and explore its natural beauty. 

You’ll be able to arrive in just a couple of hours, so you’ll have time to do whatever you wish for!

In Istria, you can visit small towns with rich cultural heritage and history, but also stunning natural wonders hiding between fairytale Istrian hills.

One of the destinations that falls into this category is Butoniga lake, not very popular among tourists, hidden in the heart of Istria.


About the Butoniga lake

Butoniga lake is an accumulation lake in Istria and its main purpose is water supply, but it also serves to retain water waves and to irrigate.

Although swimming and fishing are forbidden, scenic view and peacefulness are guaranteed. 

So, whether you just want to stop by for a minute or you want to explore every centimetre of this place, you will be able to see what Butoniga is all about.

In the lake, species such as carp, chub and trout are living and keeping the lake alive.

Butoniga lake was built in the ‘80s (to be exact, in 1988). The main tributaries of the lake are the Butoniga river, as well as Dragućki and Račički stream.

The basin of Butoniga lake is located at an altitude of between 40 to 500 metres. The lake basin covers an area of 73m2, while the surface of the lake itself is 2,45m2. 

Although 2,2 million m3 falls on the dead space for receiving sediments, the volume of the reservoir is 19,7 m3 in total.

Because of the position of the lake - in Istrian inland - the water from the lake supplies the citizens in Pazin, Poreč, Rovinj, and other Istrian cities, all the way to Pula.

Located in the middle of picturesque Istrian hills, the lake adds a special beauty and charm to this area. 

In the end, it leaves everyone speechless, giving an unforgettable impression to your trip and vacation.


What to do on Butoniga lake

As you already know, swimming and fishing are not allowed in this area. 

However, make sure you take a walk around the lake and climb the surrounding hills to experience breathtaking scenes. 

Everything looks even more beautiful from the sky, right?

One of the things you don’t want to miss is the canyon of Butoniga stream, a real hidden gem of Istria. Butoniga stream is one of the three largest tributaries of Butoniga lake. 

Although the whole area is not very popular and modern, this is an unavoidable place to visit.

Tour of the surroundings

Besides coming to the Butoniga lake, make sure you explore its surroundings and get to know central Istria. 

This area is decorated with small, traditional villages and towns, such as Hum, Motovun, Buzet and Pazin

To get to each of these destinations from the lake, it won’t take you more than 20 minutes to half an hour.

Hum is the world’s smallest town, so don’t miss the opportunity to witness something as amazing as this! 

Another big and important part of Istria is its traditional, domestic cuisine that will take your taste buds on a real adventure. Plus, what goes better with a delicious dish than a glass of wine, right?


Istria is also very well known for its wineries and you can find them in almost every place in Istrian inland. 

So, when you combine these two, the wine and the food, there’s no way your trip can be boring and usual.

Prosciutto, truffles and homemade pasta - sounds good? If it does, you’re ready to go. Pack your bags and head out to Istria! 

If you’ve found your dream home for vacation in Dalmatia, you can easily get to Istria by car, by bus, or by boat from Zadar!