Pula is one of the most famous cities in Croatia. It is popular among tourists. Especially families with kids and couples. Thanks to a rich history and tradition Pula is all except boring town in Istria.


And yes, Pula has beaches, I'll show you some of them.  Dubrovnik is another Croatian gem worth visiting. From Pula, you can do it with a plane.


So, let’s answer the 3 questions you (probably) have in mind if you are planning a vacation in Pula.


Is Pula a good holiday destination? (What is Pula famous for?)


Pula is one of the best holiday destinations in Croatia and this part of Europe.   Usual things that attract visitors like a clean sea, safety, and comfortable accommodation are just the tip of the iceberg. Smart and innovative programs combine tradition with modern technology which offers you a chance to travel 2000 years back in time.


Pula is famous for its Roman buildings, winemaking, fishing, and shipbuilding.


Life thrives in Pula since stone age (neolithic) but we all have to thank Romans for making Pula as magnificent as it is. Located on the peak of Istria, Pula was an important city for the Roman empire. 30.000 people lived there 45 years before Christ was born! (In 2011 Pula had 57460 residents - mind-blowing)


As you know Romans were masters in shipbuilding. Since then ships are being born in Pula. Uljanik is the name of the shipyard today.


After hard work, nothing is better than fresh fish and local wine. Romans knew that, but how is that connected with you? You can taste 2000 years of tradition in nice restaurants in Pula and every glass of local wine. Istria has some high-level fish restaurants and in Pula, I always choose Konoba Boccaporta.


After a nice meal, you are ready to walk the steps of gladiators. Literally.


Arena Pula - 6th biggest amphitheater in the world


Pula has one of the best-preserved Roman amphitheaters in the world.


Arena Pula doesn’t just sit there looking pretty and being useless. Numerous concerts are held there - if you get a chance to attend one of them don’t miss it. It doesn’t matter will you understand words because you will understand and feel the art.


Arena Pula (amphitheater) was used for gladiator games in Roman times. Back then everybody loved gladiator. Now we are crazy about them. If you, too, are fascinated with their courage and way of life Spectacvla Gladiatoria will leave you speechless.


You can witness gladiator games in the real Roman amphitheater. Gladiators (of course) aren't real, but they are trained professionals who will take you 2000 years back in time.


AR tour around ancient Pula (from 26€)


Since we are speaking about time travel, what do you think about the AR tour around Pula? Yes, Pula is that good. You probably aren't 2000 years old so you don't remember the Roman empire. Don't be sad, Pula offers you a chance to see the Roman empire like it used to be.


Pula Virtual Reality Experience walking tour is one of the highlights of Pula.

You’ll get a chance to see how Pula looked 2 millenniums ago and feel like a real Roman. Kids love this tour. It combines technology and history, it broads their imagination.


If you want to have a Self-guided VR tour that will cost 190 kn (26€). I highly recommend Guided VR tour which costs 360 kn (49€) but it's worth much more. That tour alone is a strong reason to visit Pula. Especially when you can stay in a private villa for rent, that will make you feel like a real Roman nobleman (don’t worry, all villas you can find on Villsy are high-end so you won’t really feel like in ancient history).


Does Pula have a beach?


History, tradition, and gastronomy are important, but summer is nothing without beaches. Pula is a top holiday destination which means it has everything you can ask for. Naturally, beaches aren't in the center of Pula, but they are close and there are many. I'll show you 2 of my favorites.


Beach Hawaii - a beautiful pebble beach. Safe for children and perfect for nature lovers. Pine trees in the back, mighty rocks on the sides and crystal clear sea in front. Beach hardly gets better than that.


Beach Bjelica - it’s not exactly in Pula, but it is just 9,5 km away from it and I would be ready to walk there from Pula. It is that good. (don’t be crazy and walk there, it gets hot in Croatia in summer). More than a kilometer long this sandy beach is perfect for seniors and kids. If you choose to spend a whole day on beach Bjelica that might be the most relaxing day of your vacation.


Now when you know what to do in Pula and which beaches are good near Pula, there is only one unanswered question. When you learn how far is Pula from Dubrovnik (and how to get there) you’ll be ready to go and have a time of your life in Croatia.


How far is Pula from Dubrovnik?

If you heard about Croatia you know for Dubrovnik.

A must-see city in Croatia is on the other end of our country. Pula is one of the northeast Croatian coastal cities and Dubrovnik is 705 km to the south.


Drive from Pula to Dubrovnik is a nice experience and it takes 7:30 hours with a car (on a highway). You will most likely stop a lot of times to admire natural beauties so count 9 or 10 hours if you want to get the most from the trip.

If you don't want to drive that long a plain is always a solution. The shortest trip takes 6:45 hours, which is terrible because Pula is just 421 km away from Dubrovnik (by plain). On that trip, you'll have to change a plane twice and wait 25 minutes between flights. The ticket will cost you 652 kn.

Now you know that Pula is worth visiting. All you have to do is choose where to stay. I'll recommend you 2 of my dearest villas for rent in Pula. Click here and here and magical villas with a pool will appear.