Istria is still one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia. Travel tourism has it all, that great destinations get around quickly and before you know it, even the loneliest island, the best beach is crowded with people. Who does not want a few insider tips where you do not go down in the crowd? In this article I would like to introduce you to the top 5 insider tips of Istria
  • Hum - the smallest city in the world
  • Rt Kamenjak - Nature Park
  • Bale
  • Lim Bay - known for its restaurants
  • Labin - the old town.

Hum - the smallest city in the world

A small romantic city with many attractions! The smallest city in the world is located in the hilly countryside, 14 km southeast of Buzet and has no more than 17 inhabitants. Hum is one of the most popular destinations in the region. hum Attractions The historic city gate, covered with bronze plates, dates back to the 11th century. It is assumed that the 12 characters on the bronze plates symbolize the calendar months. Through the gate the visitor enters the old town. Church of the Assumption This parish church was built in the 15th century on the foundation of the old church from the 13th century. Next to it is a 22 m high tower, which served as a defense tower in the 15th century. Glagolitic road Another sight that you will not find anywhere else. The avenue includes a total of 11 monuments that range from Roc via Forcici and Brnobici to Hum.

Rt Kamenjak - Nature Park

The nature park Cape Kamenjak is in many respects a must on every visit to Croatia. Cape Kamenjak is a 10 km long and 1.5 km wide peninsula, which has much to offer only by flora and fauna with all its colors. There are also secluded beaches with crystal blue waters, sparkling waves and many different water sports. Recommended is the Pinizule Bay. The peninsula is open daily between 7 and 21 o'clock. Camping is unfortunately not allowed in the nature park. If you come with your own car you will be charged 4.50 Euro per day. Other prices can be found here. There are 600 plant species in this unique natural park, of which 30 are orchids. 50 species of butterflies, a variety of reptiles, amphibians and birds complete the fauna. In addition to the many beach bars especially the safari bar is recommended. Enjoy traditional cuisine between wooden posts and bamboo sticks, with wine, water or soda. A special adventure is the Jurassic Park of Cape Kamenjak. - In the footsteps of the dinosaurs, here is something for young and old.


istria_bale Bale is a historic city with a long history dating back to the Bronze Age. Bronze Age earthworks still point to this today. Later, Bale was  important Roman fortress. Remains of Roman buildings, historical documents and bronze coins are still found here today. Over the centuries, Bale has often changed his rule. Among other things, it was under the hegemony of Venice, France but also Austria. The palace is one of the main attractions of Bale. Here you can see the Venetian lion from 1445 and a sundial, the former landmark of the Bembo family. Among other things, the palace is the social center of the city. Other attractions of Bale are its many old churches. For example, in the St. Julian's Church you will find a sarcophagus from the 8th century. As a city of artists, Bale not only offers numerous gourmet specialties, but also cultural events as well as exhibitions and galleries.

Lim Bay

Lim Bay, known as the Channel or Fjord, is located on the west coast of Istria, near Vrsar. It is a sunken Karst valley, almost 13 km long. From the portal, it gradually gets narrower. The Lim Channel extends deep into the interior of the Istrian peninsula and forms at the end of the Lim Bay, which extends almost to Pazin. The total length of Lim Bay and its extent, is 35 km. Already in 1980, the bay was declared a marine reserve. The high concentration of oxygen creates specific characteristics of a high bioproduction of plankton, fish and shells for breeding. In particular, this area is suitable for mussels and oysters. In the culinary sense Bay Lim is known for its always fresh mussels. The Romuald Cave is another attraction.


istria_labinLabin is one of the most interesting cities in Istria. Easily accessible, Labin is ideal for a day trip. And while you're there, do not miss the Labinski krafi. A dish that is said to be the taste of Istria. Labinski krafi is similar to the well-known ravioli, but it is made from a half-sweet mix of at least two cheeses (cow and sheep's milk), raisins, lemon zest, rum and spices, and traditionally served with a savory sauce. This dish is versatile and can be a main course, but also a dessert. Labin is divided into two parts: The Old Town, a network of winding cobblestone streets on a hill overlooking the Kvarner coast. The new city has most of its shops at the foot of the hill. Although Labin has many attractions, there is no beach here. If you want to visit Labin, Villsy offers holiday villas with pool that provide you with maximum comfort during your stay.