Venice is a beautiful city in Italy and the capital of northern Italy's Veneto region. If we say, Venice is a city of immense beauty and land of dreams; then it will not be wrong. There are no roads in Venice, just canals that attract the attention of everyone. Moreover, this city is not only unique but also has historical significance, that's why it is different from the other cities of Italy. As the most visited tourist destination of Italy, Venice lies on 117 small islands that are connected through a series of bridges and separated by a vast network of canals. Venice is the city with 250,000 population and most attractive destinations for the travelers.

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Venice - Rialto

Departing Ports to Venice from Istria

There are four ports from where the ferry departs to Venice; these are Pula, Porec, Umag, and Rovinj.


Pula is the most famous and largest old seafront city of Istria county, which is known for its beach-lined coast, protected harbor, roman culture, architecture, and the Arena amphitheater. With the grew of the population, it became an important travel hub. The port of Pola is located in the "Rijecki Gat" UI. Svetog Petra. Most of the travelers use Pula port to visit Venice from Istria because it provides a fast and comfortable way to reach your destination.


Departure Time
Departure from Pula: 07.30
Arrival Time
Arrival to Venice: 11.00
Travel Duration
The total duration time to Venice from Istria is 3 hours and 30 minutes.
Ticket Price
The Ticket price of Pula for an adult is €65.00, and for children, it is €32.50.
Pula amphitheatre
image credits: M. Nikitin


Porec is a little and charming town that is located in the heart of the western coast of Istria. This town is most famous among the tourist due to its culture, entertainment, sport, and tourism. Porec Town also has a port that is used to provide the fastest way from Istria to Venice. The location of the Porec port is Porec Ferry Terminal Obala marsala Tita Croatia.

Departure Time
Departure from Porec: 07.30
Arrival Time
Arrival to Venice: 10.30
Travel Duration
The total travel duration time through Porec to Venice from Istria is 3 hours.
Ticket Price
The Ticket price of Pula for an adult is €65.00, and for children, it is €32.50.


Umag is a small town and also the most famous historical place discovered by Roman noblemen. Umag has a port that connects most of the cities form one to another. The Umag port located in Obala Josipa Broza Tita, this port is opposite to Trg Slobode, that is the main square.

Departure Time
Departure from Umag 07.30
Arrival Time
Arrival to Venice: 11.00
Travel Duration
The total travel duration time through Umag to Venice from Istria is 3 hours and 30 minutes.
Ticket Price
 The Ticket price of Pula for an adult is €65.00, and for children, it is €32.50.
Umag from air, Croatia
image credits: Toni Krasnic


Rovinj is a beautiful and attractive town that is located on the north Adriatic Sea. Rovinj port is the most useful and best port for traveling, and many tourists prefer Rovinj port for traveling. The location of the Roving port is "Valdibora Parking" Ulica Giordana Paliage.


Departure Time
Departure from Rovinj: 07.45
Arrival Time
Arrival to Venice: 10.30
Travel Duration
The total travel duration time through Rovinj to Venice from Istria is 3 hours and 45 minutes.
Ticket Price
The Ticket price of Pula for an adult is €65.00, and for children, it is €32.50.

Ferry Prince of Venice

The Prince of Venice is a foot passenger catamaran or ferry that was built-in 1989, and in 2016 it completely renovated with a new engine. The company which owns the Prince of Venice is Atlas – Kompas.
The uniquely designed Adriatic jet of the catamaran can hold up to 343 passengers and also provides better air-conditioning, multimedia, refreshment points for relaxation. It also allows you to spend time onboard like first-class passengers, restaurants, comfortable seats, and more.
Venezia Lines are currently working on routes between Venice, and the ports of Pula, Rovinj, Piran, Mali Losinj, Rabac, Umag, and Porec. The prince of Venice is proud to be the fastest carrier between these ports, and within two and a half hours, it will take you to one of the most beautiful and worlds romantic cities, Venice.
Ferry Prince of Venice
image credits: Dave King

Other Transportations to Visit from Istria to Venice

There are four different ways to visit from Istria to Venice are as follow:

Venice From Istria by Boat

The trip to Venice from Istria by boat is an excellent and fantastic way because, during the journey, you can experience the most beautiful street in this unique city. The trip with comfortable and fast catamaran increases your interest level and provides an opportunity to know way around Venice and about different areas. Boat or ferries take 2 hours and 30 minutes or 5 hours to 30 minutes to reach Venice, depending on the route.


The Bus is another way to visit Venice from Istria and alternative to the boat. However, Bus can't beat the beauty and pleasure of ferries ride. The total travel duration of Bus from Istria to Venice is 5 hours.


The train would be the slowest option you can choose to visit Venice from Istria, but it will also be an affordable transportation service to trip from Venice to Istria. Your journey is going to be approximately 8 hours long.


The personal ride is an excellent alternate to ferry as it will take just three hours from Istria to Venice, but the journey could be tiring and could also spoil your day tour. However, if you are good at driving and enjoy it, then it's good to go.

Top Things to Do in Venice

Venice is a house of beautiful, romantic, attractive, and historic places where every year thousands of people visit its amazing network of canals, colorful towns, the architecture, the gondolas. This magical city attracts the attention of everyone. Are you ready to enjoy the beauty of Venice? Then stay with us, today we will discuss the top attractions, including art museums, beachside, historical place, and island tours.

Gondola, Venice

Let's explore with us; Top things to do in Venice:

St. Mark's Basilica

The St. Mark's Basilica is a historical and most famous building in Venice that is a sublime piece of architecture. This splendid building was built in 1092 and also known as the most important religious building in Northern Italy.

Each aspect of this building shows the beautiful and fantastic architecture and grabs the attention of the visitor. The attractive artwork of the front facade, ornate detail, art on the inside of the domed ceiling, painted frescos, sculptures, and gorgeous work of Byzantine increase the beauty of the building.

Explore St. Mark's Basilica in Venezia is very simple; it located in the Piazza San Marco. So, you can visit this attractive historical place by using the basilica grand canal and enjoy this amazing Italian Byzantine architecture. If you visit Venezia and not visit this splendid Church, then believe that you will miss a great place.

Grand Canal

Here we have another attraction, "Grand Canal," which is considered to be the main street in Venice. Grand Canal is the most famous Canal in Venice due to highly photographed attractions. Most of the tourist enjoy its beauty by taking pictures and makes the day memorable. Moreover, if you are looking for a peaceful place for romance then gondolier is the best option for you, it's a little bit expensive but provides you with feel like heaven.

To visit the grand canal, you can use Vaporetto or the public waterbus. These transportations are available at a reasonable price. Still, whatever you choose, all the tourists agree to only one point that the Grand Canal is the most attractive and beautiful destination that you should visit during your trip.

St. Mark's Square

The St. Mark's Square is the most famous and attractive building in Venice that is located on the Grand Canal and the opposite of the island of San Giorgio Maggiore. The main reason for its popularity its square holds huge splendid building that is a truly amazing place to visit.

This spectacular place is surrounding a series of attractive ornate buildings with arched, which increases its beauty. Not enough here, many historic and religious buildings, including St Mark's Campanile, Doge's Palace, Torre dell' Orologio, and St Mark's Basilica are located near to it.

If you have been planning to enjoy the beauty of Venezia, then St. Mark's Square is the perfect place to start your tour and enjoy its splendid architecture.

St Mark Square Venice

Venice Lido

Are you want to enjoy Venice beach with your family? Then Venice Lido is the best option for you. Venice Lido is a very peaceful and beautiful beach and an excellent spot for relaxation and entertainment.

This beautiful long stretch beach is a separate island that creates a barrier between Adriatic and Venice. Moreover, for refreshment Lido has a lot of restaurants, hotels, shops, residential areas, and home to approximately 20,000 inhabitants so, if you are looking for a Villa near to Lido. We can provide you amazing structure Villa with pool at a reasonable price.

The Correr Civic Museum

The Correr Civic Museum is also known as the Museo Correr that is the most famous museum in Venice and located in St. Mark's Square. This Museo Correr is the largest museum that not only displays the Venice's history but also has splendid artifacts as well as the former royals' quarters.

Every year thousands of people visit this historical museum and pleasantly surprise to see its beautiful artifacts. To visit the Correr Civic Museum, you buy entry tickets in which you can visit Doge's Places, Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Monumental Rooms, and Museo Correr of the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana.

The ticket price is different for kids and adults, for kids 13 euros (about $15.20) and adults 20 euros (about $23.40). The museum opens from November to March 10 am to 5 pm. and from April to October it's open 10 am to 7 pm. Whenever you make a plan to visit this historic St. Mark's Square Museum, consider the above time table.

Doges Palace

The Doges Palace is one of the most famous and renowned buildings in Venice located in St. Mark's Square near to the Grand Canal. The architecture design of the building very attractive, especially its front facade features that have a beautiful arched design with a series of diamond patterns on the walls made of white stone. However, its ornate palace gives a simple and stunning look.

If we talk about the inside look of the building, then it's just an impressive and amazing artwork with immensely decorated rooms that have original details, artwork, and old architecture furniture.

This Doges Palace is the most valuable historical place that provides an opportunity to spend some time understanding and viewing both interior and exterior design of the building that truly captures a piece of the history of Venice.

Doges palace Venice

San Giorgio Maggiore

The San Giorgio Maggiore is a beautiful and peaceful smaller island that is separate from Venice's main canals. However, this island has a short distance from the Grand Canal and Venice Basin, where you can reach by private water taxi or Vaporetto.

This San Giorgio Maggiore is a fantastic monastery that attracts visitors, and it also has a Church of San Giorgio Maggiore that looks very amazing.

Bridge of Sighs

The Bridge of Sighs is the most historic and vital place in the city. Many centuries ago, this bridge was used to connects the Doge's Palace to dungeons and transport prisoners from one to other prisons. Now today, Bridge of Sighs connects the Prigioni Nuove to Doge's Palace by passing over the Rio di Palazzo. If you make a plan to visit Venice, then you must visit this historical bridge that contains excellent architectural detail and unique work of the past.


Here we talk about another beautiful island of the Venice district "Murano." This island is connected with different small islands that are joined by a series of the bridge and canals. Murano is a place of beauty that contains lots of incredible charm, but it is not mostly a busy place like other places in Venice.

The main reason for Murano's popularity its glass blowing, and this beautiful place offers you to view the numerous sights, including Campo Santo Stefano, the Basilica de Santa Maria, and the Palazzo da Mula.

Murano glass Venice

Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta

The Church of Santa Maira Assunta is also known as "I Gesuiti," which was constructed in 1729 and located in the Cannaregio region of Venice. This Church is a famous place in Venice due to its excellent structure and the front design of the Church that decor with several stone columns grabs the attention of everyone. Moreover, its main entrance has a massive bronze door with a truly splendid host of intricate detail.

Not enough here, beautiful work of gold detail covers the ceiling of the Church, its frescos, artwork on walls, and columns attract the attention of the viewers. Every year thousands of people come to Venice to visit the beauty of the Church.

Our Verdict

Venice also known as the most romantic city in Italy and even considered an architectural monument with beautiful and colorful homes, hotels, restaurants, historical places, and many more. If you have been planning to visit Venice from Istria as a one-day trip, then this guide will surely add some value to your planning.