1. Istria can be reached quickly

From Germany you can quickly reach Istria. For example, Munich is only six hours away by car from Istria. The quickest way is by plane: To get to Pula and Rijeka, you need about two flight hours from Hamburg. If you are not traveling by car, it is worth using a rental car during the trip. So you can explore the beaches of Istria from your holiday home. Alternatively, there are pretty good bus connections between the beaches of Istria. You will also find beautiful villas and holiday homes in Istria.


istria sunset


2. Fairytale beaches in Istria

Istria not only has beautiful holiday villas, but is also surrounded by more than 440 kilometers of coastline. Peace-seeking tourists and sociable tourists are in good hands on the beaches of Istria: thanks to the rugged structure, the peninsula has numerous beautiful bays and beaches. Some of them are very busy and some are rather quiet. No matter which part of the coast you choose during your trip, the waters of the Adriatic are crystal clear and you can go swimming without hesitation. Even the bathing water report of the European Union classifies the seawater in Croatia as particularly clean. 94% of Croatian bathing waters have a very good water quality.


3. The weather in Istria - not too cold and not too hot

The summer is very pleasant with 25 to 30 degrees and most of the time you can feel a light breeze. In August, the sea water heats up to a pleasant 23 to 24 degrees. If you are currently in the house, you can also lie down in the pool at these temperatures. Even in winter it is quite mild in Istria: even in February the average temperature is 6 degrees. Therefore, it is worthwhile even in colder seasons to look at our villas and cottages. Where we are at the next reason, why a trip to Istria is worthwhile even in colder temperatures - the culture!


4. Cultural jewels in Istria

Regardless of the season, Istria has a wealth of cultural activities and attractions to offer. Therefore, it is always worth to browse our villas and cottages, because even in winter there is much to see in Istria! The centuries-long Venetian rule has left its mark. You can still admire well-preserved buildings from the Roman era, such as the amphitheater in Pula or the Euphrasian Basilica in Poreč with its mosaics, which is also part of the Unesco World Heritage. The old towns of Istria invite you to marvel: you should not miss the sunset on the harbor promenade of Novigrad. You can also book one of our villas near Istrian cities for your stay.


istria restaurant


5. The culinary cuisine of Istria

Another reason to come to Istria is the Istrian cuisine! Fresh fish and seafood are more than enough! The freshly caught Calmari as well as Scampi from the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic and the famous mussels from the Limski are a real delicacy. They also like to cook with olive oil, wine vinegar and wild herbs.


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