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All that you should know about the Dalmatian Islands before visiting!

Dalmatian Islands – What a Beauty!


Dalmatian Islands are the islands scattered in the Dalmatian Coast. The two most appealing islands are Hvar and Korcula, whereas the largest Dalmatian Island is Brac with an area of 153 square miles. The Dalmatian Islands are Croatia’s most visited and most loved destination. All the Dalmatian Islands have beautiful landscapes and lovely beaches. All of which are stuffed with vineyards and olive groves. But guess what? All islands have their own specialty and all are different. Hvar is known for its nightlife, Korcula for its beaches and watersports and Brac for its civilization. Each island is ideal for a certain individual’s needs.  The best way to explore the Dalmatian islands is to travel by a yacht charter so that you explore it according to your pace and you can stop at little marinas or ports that you like.

Many Dalmatian islands have been inhabited for years but have become popular recently. Some islands like Hvar are enjoying tourism for more than a hundred years.  There is a lot to see in the Islands, fortresses, military installments, architecture, cultural monuments, literature and landscapes. Going to Croatia and not visiting the historic cities like Sibenik and Dubrovnik, this is not at all fair. The historical heritage, monuments and traditions that you will see here cannot be found anywhere else. Especially the aquapark in Sibenik is a must-visit place! 

chapel on island, Dalmatia

One of the most prominent towns of Croatia is Zadar, having a strong history and numerous wonderful sights for tourists. A full of life town that can be a perfect holiday destination as it has a large number of attractions like Monument to the Sun and Sea Organ.

Split is the heart of Dalmatia and the second largest town of Croatia – a cultural and a historical center. The town itself cannot be bypassed without exploring as it has a marvelous sea view. One of the most known places of Split is the Diocletian Palace that portrays the Roman Empire. A Split is an ideal place to have a good night out and to have an excellent meal.

What to do in the Dalmatian Islands?

You can do all in the Dalmatian Islands – partying, meditation, tourism, exploring nature, sunbathing, hiking, sports and much more. If you want to party in the nightclubs along with wine tasting and sunbathing, head to Hvar. For seductively attractive beaches, watersports and hiking, head to Brac. If you want to see Roman and Greek ruins and want to go through history, head to Vis Island. If you are an isolation lover, head to Korcula or Mljet as these islands are lush with forests, olive groves and vineyards – all that you need to enjoy your me-time!

How to get there?  

Many means of transportation can be opted for traveling to the Dalmatian Islands. You can take a plane that lands in the Split from where you can take a ferry that takes you to the desired destination. Ferries can be taken from Split, Sibenik and Zadar to most of the islands. The prices of ferry tickets vary upon seasons and the route you choose. Similarly, the time to reach the desired destination varies upon your destination and the stops in the route of that certain ferry. A ferry that you take from Split for Hvar also brings passengers back to Split. So you can go back and choose another destination as your next stop. Boats, water taxies and yachts can also be taken for traveling. These means of transportation enable you to explore the Dalmatian islands at your own pace. Do not forget to plan a family boat tour – it will for sure be an unforgettable experience. The airports closest to Dalmatian Islands are Split and Dubrovnik, which has regular flights from and to the UK.  

Hvar – The Queen of Dalmatians

Hvar Island is also known as the Queen of Dalmatian Islands. It lies between the Brac, Korcula and Vis islands and is approximately 42.24 miles long. It has a large fertile coastal plain, a rich architectural heritage, and many cultural monuments. It is also famous for its strategic position, a reason behind having various historical periods. The climate of Hvar is very mild, pleasant summers and warm winters – and attracts many tourists. For the tourists, other attractions include the Mediterranean nature, nightlife and rich traditions.

hvar island, Croatia

Hvar has seductively attractive and relaxing beaches that offer a separation from the mainland and therefore, protection from all the pollution and several misfortunes of the civilizations. Moreover, the vineyards, olive trees and large fields of lavender are also a source of attraction for many people as they promote harmony between nature and a human being. Do you want to forget the monotony of everyday routine? Head towards Hvar – the taste of home-made wine and fresh olives will make you escape from the daily grind.

Hvar is considered to be among the top 10 beautiful islands around the globe and it has been celebrating tourism for almost 140 years. Book a villa with pool at, explore this island and make your holiday an unforgettable one!

Hvar has all, nightlife, cultural attractions, historic heritage, sandy beaches and much more. During your trip do not forget to visit the Pakleni Islands – a group of 20 islands, unique and most known natural beauty of Hvar. Next comes the Hvar Cathedral, which is dedicated to the St, Stjepan – the protector of the Hvar city. Fortress Fortica and Hvar theatre are also the places that cannot be missed as their architectural heritage gives a wonderful view.

sinsert, dalmatia, Croatia

For traveling to Hvar, you can take a car, bus, train and plane. The means of transport depending upon the place you are coming from and the routes that lead to Hvar. If you opt to go by car, bus or train, then you have to reach Split from where you take a ferry that goes directly to Hvar. If you plan to go by plane, the closest airports from Hvar are Brac, Split and Dubrovnik. From the airports you rent a car, take a bus or a taxi for Hvar. By all means of traveling, you will enjoy the sea journey to Hvar and after reaching there you would know that your journey was worth it and it has paid off!

Korcula Island – Ideal for me-time!

Korcula is an island stuffed with lush pine forests, vineyards and olive groves. It covers an area of 108 square miles and lies just off the Dalmatian coast. It is a beautiful place that is pretty stiff with tourists having breakfast by the sea view and also handing out till late in the waterside wine bars. Korcula is considered to be the perfect place for discovering the region’s history in isolation and the best place for relaxing.

Korcula has two parts, one that is the functional one where most of the people live, eat, sleep – the civilized part. The other is the old town, not so functional but still has a lot to see in there and to do there. Korcula has a historic gate that shows that is was once a mighty place and has a strong history.

Korcula island, Croatia


The Island of Korcula is a gem of its own. The tradition of Korcula is still alive – it has old-aged ceremonies, music, folks, dances and performances. The tradition of Korcula that is still in practice is one important reason that Korcula still has a huge influx of tourists every time. Many of the Dalmatian islands have their vineyards, where tourists can do tours and tastings rather than going to a fancy restaurant and spending a lot over there. Korcula has a big collection of vineyards but Hvar and Brac come first. Many other specialties of Korcula Island include olive oil, seafood, and figs.

Korcula is isolated but still, it is full of life and heritage. It has all that a small country has – so do not forget to visit it. It has a hot climate and summers in Korcula are extremely hot. Korcula offers its tourists a vast range of luxurious accommodations.

Another unique thing about Korcula is its unique shape and the narrow streets that offer protection from strong winds and storms. If the great wine selection of Korcula Island is not the invitation for you to visit it, we really don’t know what it is then!

Look for a traditional performance – Moreska sword dance, a dance that tells a story of an ancient war that is performed every Thursday in summers and also on some Mondays. Go hiking or cycling. You can plan a day trip to the neighboring islet. If you have a low-budget, Korcula is the less expensive and humble island among the famous Dalmatian Islands.


Brac Island – Explore the Underwater Caves


Brac Island is the largest among all Dalmatian Islands. It has a number of beautiful beaches, olive groves, forests and vineyards. The sandy beaches are also one of a kind. One of the most famous beaches is Zlatni Rat – the beach that stretches to the sea, it is not only the famous one of Brac but also among Croatia’s most known beaches.

Zlatni rat beach, Brac

One of the most favorite spots of tourists is a Brac town known as Bol. It is the home of Zlatni Rat beach. The beach is great for swimming, windsurfing and sunbathing. Bol town is a harbor town that has an ancient palace and a historical fortress.

Brac is a perfect place for a relaxing holiday, you can unwind the beaches, olive groves, vineyards, soak up the atmosphere if the island, you can go for olive oil tasting, explore tiny villages and much more. Brac has a great range of restaurants – seafood and traditional food both and bars that are open till late at night. A village for quiet fishing known as Milna also catches the attention of many visitors. It has some lovely pebbly beaches.

Brac is famous for water sports like diving, surfing and windsurfing. To explore the best underwater caves, dive in the Lucice Bay. For walking, mountain biking, hiking and climbing head to Vidova Gora Mountain – it has an amazing sea view! Thinking about what transportation to take for exploring Brac? A bike can be a great option as it has narrow and long streets and historical sites. Another medium can be a kayak that can be an ideal one for exploring the coast from the sea.

Brac is known for olive oil production and olive growing – so do visit an olive grove and taste the delicious olives. It also has a lot of vineyards that you can visit for wine tasting.

Brac island, Croatia


Kornati Islands – Luxury Lovers Abstain


Kornati Islands cover an area of 114 square miles and are composed of 140 uninhabited islands and islets. They are the largest archipelago in the Adriatic zone. The islands are pierced with cracks, rugged cliffs, and caves. There is no permanent settlement in the Kornati Islands and because there is no source of freshwater, the islands are mostly barren. The islands used to be green and had holly oaks – holm oaks, but all have been burned down long ago.

Kornati islands, Croatia

Moreover, the deforestation has highlighted the uneven surfaces and rock formations of the islands. The Kornati Islands are located between Zadar and Sibenik. The largest island among all Kornati Islands is the Kornat which has the main settlement – Vrulje. It is cultivated with figs, grapes, olives and citruses for eating purposes. A couple of restaurants are open on the summers and a couple of villas are available for rent for a vacation.

Swimming and Snorkelling are common activities in the Kornati Islands. Moreover, diving and hiking are also experienced by visitors. In Kornati Islands, water is at a premium and luxuries are basic. But it is one of the best places in Croatia to relax and enjoy it!


Ready to be inspired by Croatia and to explore it? Plan your next holiday and book a villa with pool at and we will make sure that your holiday is an unforgettable one! We are looking forward to helping you out!