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Terms of use

The following terms and conditions apply to Villsy’s travel arrangements. They regulate the legal relationship between clients and Villsy. Except where otherwise specified, Villsy act only as an agent in respect of all bookings we take and/or make on client behalf and is solely mediating and acts by order of the respective travel agency.  The execution of the booked journey does not pertain to the contractual obligations of Villsy. In the case of a reservation, the travel contract is concluded solely between the client and the respective travel agency. In this regard, we refer to the general terms and conditions of these funding agencies. If special rules or regulations apply to selected duties, goods or services, these will be displayed to the client prior to booking/purchase.

1. Completion of mediation contract

1. With filling in the respective information fields and the completion of the booking purchase process the client offers Villsy the completion of a travel mediation contract bindingly. Quotations may be submitted in writing, orally, by telephone or by electronic communication (Internet). By submitting an offer by means of electronic communication (Internet) the client offers Villsy a binding offer on completion of an agency agreement on sending the booking order. The client is responsible for all participants named in the order and their own obligation

2. Villsy reserves the right to accept offers.  If Villsy or the travel agency confirms the booking in writing, by telephone,by electronic communication, via e-Mail (electronic mail) or by any other means, a contract between the client and the travel agency comes to effect

3. The client is obliged to immediately certify the correctness of the booking confirmation and to notify the service provider or Villsy of any inaccuracies or deviations. Inaccurate or discrepant notices issued three days after receipt of booking confirmation will no longer be taken into account. In particular, delayed reporting of errors or deviations does not entitle the client to withdraw from the contract.

4. Villsy generally charges clients a service fee for commercial services. If a service charge is incurred for the booking, this is included in the displayed holiday accommodation price and is also shown separately on the quotation on the website, the booking process and the invoice. In case of cancellation or rebooking, the service fee will not be refunded.

II. Payment/Travel Documents

1. After confirming the reservation, the travel agency will inform the client of the due date of the down payment and the final payment, as well as the payment terms. In the case of short-term bookings, full travel costs should be paid immediately.

2. The payment can be made via credit card or bank transfer, depending on the property. Any applicable changes in the booking procedure up to the departure (e.g. booking of additional services or partial cancellations) shall have no effect on the shortening of the prenotification period, they shall generate a new invoice which includes the pre-notification. Any charges which arise in case of dishonour, chargeback, and internal handling, shall be borne by the traveller, provided that the dishonour or chargeback was not caused by Villsy. The complete personal data recorded in the registration form such as name, address and where applicable credit card number, IBAN, BIC are encoded through SSL-technology. In doing so, the specified signs are transformed into a code, so that by transmitting the data via Internet it cannot be read by unauthorised persons.

III. Withdrawal of the traveller / rebooking

1. The client can withdraw from the journey and from the mediation contract at any time. The relevant point of time is the entry of the withdrawal declaration at the respective travel agency. It is suggested to the client to declare his withdrawal in written form. Withdrawal is possible according to respective travel agency term and conditions.

2. The rebooking of the reserved and confirmed booking is only possible by withdrawing from the reserved booking and a simultaneously new booking of another journey, unless the travel agency has separate regulations for these cases. Separate regulations are regulated with travel agency terms and conditions. Potential charges for rebooking or payable part travel compensations in case of rebooking comply with the conditions of the respective travel agency. Villsy is authorized to charge the client all costs and an additional handling fee of 25,00 Euro per person concerning the withdrawal asserted to Villsy from another side.

3. Villsy can charge an appropriate refund for already handled travel precautions and expenditures if Villsy operates journeys itself. The amount of fees payable by the client in case of cancellation or withdrawal of the journey is determined by the separate Villsy travel terms and conditions.

4. In order to avoid the described fees for withdrawal, Villsy urgently advises to take out a travel insurance.

IV. Modification of services and prices 2

1. Modifications or variations of single travel services from the content of the travel contract agreed upon, that become necessary after completing the contract and are not effectuated by Villsy or the travel agency against good faith, are only allowed, if they are negligible and do not affect the entire layout of the journey. Potential warranty claims remain unaffected, if the modified services are deficient.

2. The specifications made on the Internet are fundamentally binding for Villsy, as soon as they became the legal foundation of the travel contract. Villsy reserves the right to declare modifications of the information given on the internet because of objectively justified, relevant and not predictable reasons and informs the traveller prior to the booking.

3. Villsy reserves the right to raise the announced price confirmed with the booking in case of modification of the exchange rates effective for the journey or in case of modifications of information to the amount the increase affects the travel price, if a time period of four months is reached between receipt of the travel confirmation and the travel date agreed upon. In this case Villsy informs the traveller immediately, at least 21 days prior to departure. Increase in price is illegitimate beyond this date.

V. Liability of Villsy

1. Basically, Villsy is solely operating as mediator between the client and the travel agency and acts on behalf and for account of the travel agency. In this case, Villsy is not liable for the services to be generated by the travel agency towards the client. If Villsy exceptionally operates journeys itself, the liability of Villsy is determined by the Villsy tour operator terms and conditions.

2. If Villsy operates as mediator, Villsy has to rely on the information given by the respective tour operator concerning the information regarding the journey. Villsy has no possibility to check the correctness of this information. Villsy therefore does not issue any guarantee or warranty regarding the correctness, completeness or update of this information. The same applies to further information given on the website and issued by third parties.

3. Villsy is liable towards the client regarding a proper mediation within the framework of due diligence of a fair merchant. Basically, Villsy is only liable within this contract in case of absence of warranted characteristics, breach of main duties to indemnify and other cases of breach of compulsory treaty indemnity except from intention and culpable negligence. Villsy´s liability in cases of slight fault is restricted to the value of the booked journey, in any case on predictable and typical damages. A legal liability regardless of negligence or fault of Villsy does remain unaffected. Villsy is not liable for slight faults of auxiliary persons.

VI. Indications on passport, visa, foreign currency and health regulations

1. Each client/traveller is responsible for the compliance with the valid national and foreign entry and departure, health, passport and visa regulations.

2. In case of indications on passport, visa, foreign currency and health regulations within this website, it is assumed that clients are EU citizens. If this is not the case, the client independently contacts the responsible embassy or consulate. Villsy does not issue any guarantee or warranty regarding the correctness, completeness or update of this information because Villsy depends on indications of third parties (funding agencies or public authorities) regarding this information which can change anytime. Villsy is insofar not liable.

2 nd part: General regulations

1. Should one of the protrusive regulations be ineffective or become ineffective, the other regulations remain effective anyhow. The effectiveness of this contract as whole remains unaffected. The ineffectiveness of the mediated travel contract does not affect the mediation contract.

2. Breach of contract or sound suspicion of breach entitles Villsy to exclude the respective client from the usage of this website and / or services, as soon as the transacted bookings are concluded.

3. This contract demonstrates the whole agreement between you and Villsy concerning this website and replaces all previously or simultaneously related notifications or proposals, either electronically, verbally or in written form between you and Villsy.

4. The main language of villsy.com is English, and all descriptions and texts are updated in English. If there is a difference in the descriptions of accomodation – holiday homes between the description in English and any other language, the description in English languge is relevant.

5. The traveller may only take the mediator of the journey to court at the mediator’s principle place of business. For proceedings instituted by the mediator of the journey against the traveller, the latter’s place of residence is relevant, unless proceedings are instituted against merchants or persons who don’t have a general court of jurisdiction in the home country, or persons who have transferred their domicile or usual place of residence abroad after the conclusion of the contract, or whose domicile or usual place or residence is not known at the time of the institution of proceedings. In these cases, the local first-instance court of the mediator’s seat is relevant.

6. We point out that the retrieval and storage of the treaty text is only possible at the moment of signing the agreement. Afterwards it is no longer accessible to you.

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