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Unravel a story winding through churches, beaches, and lots more!

UMAG: A Quaint Coastal Town in Croatia

Sunset in Umag

A quaint coastal town in Istria, Croatia, Umag is a perfect place for tourists who love to soak the sun resting on the beach. Umag, Croatia’s westernmost city, is the best place to experience northern Europe and the Adriatic Sea. Exhibiting architectural remnants of the historical past of Roman citizens, Umag is home to various Roman villas nestled up with lush hillside vineyards and orchards.

This land boasts beautiful hills with fortifications that offer magnificent scenery and marvelous history. Europe is famous for its clean seas, and the Adriatic Sea on the coast of Umag is the perfect example. There is a lot of history in this town. Once an island, Umag broadened into the peninsula due to the earthworks.

Are you planning a trip to Croatia? Umag in Istria is a must-visit place to make your trip to Europe a memorable one.

What To Do in Umag

Umag is the perfect place to experience the age-old history of Europe. There are so many historical places in Umag to visit. Some of them are listed as follows:

Church Of St. Mary And St. Peregrin

Whenever we visit a place, the first question that comes to mind is what to see over there? Thus, you also must be wondering what to see in Umag?

Europe is famous for churches and cathedrals, and Umag does justice to it. Church of St Mary and St Peregrine is one of the most visited historical places in Umag.

Situated in a square, this church looks isolated in the off-tourist season. The largest church in Umag is open for the public during summers. The evenings around this church are lively with lots of restaurants and cafes along with many street artists entertaining the tourists with local music and dancing.

The Italian influence in the buildings and streets can be seen very easily. This is one place that is very sacred to the local people and is of utmost importance in terms of religion. Surrounded by café’s, various street music artists, this church is a must-visit place in Umag.

Umag church

image credit: aiva.

Umag Old Town

The old towns all over Europe are famous for their look into the history and right from ancient times through to the modern period. The old town of this place recognizes the beauty of Umag. Dating back into the last centuries, Roman Noblemen chose this area of the city for their vacation homes. Other than that, the Umag old town is famous for its medieval city walls and the town museum in the preserved defence tower. One should visit the Marin Gallery, which features the pieces of some of the most famous Croatian artists.

Subaquatic Dive Center

Who doesn’t love to dive deep in the ocean and experience the marine life with the fishes and animals? Deep-Sea Diving is one of the most loved activities in Umag.

The team at Subaquatic Dive Centre is highly professional and skilled and makes the tourists live the diving experience long after they are out of the ocean. Some of the highlights of this diving centre are that the tourists can enjoy the wreck diving deep into the blue sea and meet several lobsters and Mediterranean fishes. The Scuba Diving at Subaquatic Dive Centre is one of the top things to do in Umag.

Coronica Winery

Won’t you just love to spend a summer in Europe exploring the streets and culture while sipping some local wines?

Coronica Winery is one of the best places to visit if you are a wine lover. The Coronica family owns this winery, and they put out a small number of red and white wines that are very special and worth making a trip to this winery. These wines are blended and crafted excellently. Coronica Winery s situated in a little farmhouse on the top of a hill where the locals and visitors can sit and taste the fantastic wines and local cheese. 

Glass of wine

Beaches in Umag

Are you travelling to Umag in Summers? We all have dreamt of soaking the sun resting on the beach and having fun doing water activities. And guess what, there are so many beaches in Umag that it gets confusing, which beach to visit.

Osmica Beach is the perfect place if you want to sit on a beach as well as have a picnic in a garden. Located 2km from the entrance of Umag, this paved and sandy beach is ideal for families with children. The sea over here is very shallow with easy entry, with easy access to bars, restaurants, water sports, etc.

Other than that, another beach to visit is Savudrija beach. This is a pebble beach with rocky parts with pine forests protecting the visitors from the summer sun.

Nightlife In Umag

Thinking about what to do in Umag at night? To experience the local culture, one has to experience the nightlife of that city. Being more of a laid-back city, there are not many options to experience the “nights” over here.

There are many restaurants and bars where you can sit and have dinner with your loved ones or strangers. One of the best night clubs in Umag is Goldfish Beach Bar. Drinking and having dinner on a beach is one of the things in the bucket list of people who travel to Europe. This is the perfect opportunity to experience it. Being the only beach bar in Umag, during summers, there are so many people that you will have to make a reservation to get a table at this restaurant cum bar.

And talking about what you should order here? Go for some local Wines.

Where To Stay In Umag?

Well, lots have been said about what to do in Umag and what to see in Umag. But a very important decision which has to be made is where to stay in Umag?

There are various hotels and resort which can be booked by travellers. But our personal favourite would be to rent the villas with private pools where you can stay for a week or two and have the whole villa to yourself. And, offers you just that at very affordable rates.

Umag port


Concluding, the vibe of Umag is laid-back and calm, with stunning natural sights to take in. There are so much history and culture to experience in this small town that you will be left enthralled for the rest of your life.

Now, all you need to do is pack your bags, book your accommodation, and just go with the flow and visit Umag.