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Discover Brac: the forgotten place in Croatia

The Beguiling Island of Brac: Croatia

Island of Brac

Island Hopping! How cool does it sound? It is one of the must-do things on every traveller's bucket list. And to combine it with the Europe Summer? What better way to live this experience?

Croatia, the land of a thousand islands, is home to large and exquisite islands, which you would not like to miss in your life. Have you ever wondered about getting to the highest peak above the sea level and watching the sea in 360 degrees? Correct. That's the view that you would see in Brac, Croatia.

Being one of the offbeat destinations in Croatia, Brac is a place where you would find fewer tourists making it a perfect place for a getaway. Croatia is getting popular day by day amongst tourists. But with the novel coronavirus pandemic, the offbeat places will be on the rise for every tourist. The largest island of the Central Dalmatian Group, Brac, is always on the top list of tourists who love to visit offbeat places. Be it spending a day on the beach relaxing, or going around the town exploring the old culture or spending evenings and nights partying with your friends, Brac is one of the must-visit places in Croatia.

Are you planning a trip to Croatia? Let's visit the Brac.

What to do in Brac?

Water Sports


Visiting a beachy place in summers and not going for some water sports? How is that possible? Brac has always been a top priority for the tourists visiting Croatia. Brac being an island, have many water sports academies where one can experience water life. Ranging from kayaking, jet ski, snorkelling, deep seas diving, every sport is available over here. Thus, making it one of the best places to enjoy water sports in clean turquoise blue waters.

Deep diving

image credit: The squirrelfish

Vidova Gora (Hiking and Driving)

One must be thinking what else is there to be done over here. Let's visit Vidova Gora. The highest peak on the island of Brac is situated above the village of Bol. The best place to go for hiking, Vidova Gora, should be on your list to visit when on a trip to Croatia. The first section of hiking leads to a stone quarry, which has been used to build the white house, Diocletian's Palace in Split, and Parliament in Budapest. This place is historical in itself. Not only hiking, but one can also visit this place by bike or a car. Not only in Brac, but Vidova Gora is also the highest point in the whole of the Adriatic Sea. That is a view that one wouldn't want to miss.

Visit Stina Winery

Croatian Wines are world-famous. Their rich history of winemaking began even before the rise of the Roman Empire. Stina Winery is one of the most famous tourist spots for people visiting Brac, or even Croatia. Stina Winery, located in Bol's town, is one of the most traditional yet modern wineries one could experience. Stina Winery is the perfect place to find a Dalmatian wine from the old country. Thus, let's explore this fantastic winery when on a trip to Brac, Croatia.

Visit Old town of Bol

Gathered around a compact Marina, the old town of Bol is an attractive place made up of stone. One can quickly identify the Roman and Italian culture in the architecture. The small stone houses, winding streets dotted with pink and purple geraniums, is something to experience while exploring the old town of Bol. A lot of buildings explaining their historical and cultural significance is what you will see in the old town of Bol. The local market, with lots of restaurants and squares with live music in the evenings, is something you should not miss. If one wants to spend some time away from the hustle-bustle of beaches, this is the perfect place to spend your evening.

Bol on Brac

What to see in Brac?

Dominican Monastery

Built in the town of Bol, Dominican Monastery is a 15th-century episcopal palace with an early medieval architecture. It is one of the most sacred and religious sites. Situated away from Zaltni Rat (The golden Horn), this monastery is built on a rocky outcrop of Glavica. The island's oldest church, this monastery, holds great importance in the history of Croatia. The museum at this site displayed rare manuscripts, coins, liturgical items, and archaeological finds.

The greatest attraction of this monastery is the Tentoretto's altar painting, Madonna with Child and Saints. The other painter whose paintings are displayed over here is Tripo Kokolja, on the ceiling, under the choir. Underlying church proceedings occur every day, and tourists can experience the oldest Christianity culture at this church. Along with all this, the other things at this site are:-

Thus, this is a must-visit place when on a trip to Brac, Croatia.

Monastery in Bol


Golden Horn (Zlatni Rat)

The Zlatni Rat, or more commonly known as the Golden Horn, is the most visited place in Brac. The most Air-photographed beach in Croatia, Golden Horn, has to be on your list to visit when on a trip here. The unique tongue shape extends into the turquoise sea, making it one of the most beautiful seas in the entire Europe. One of the most recognized symbols of the Adriatic Coast, Zlatni Rat, is set on the south side of the island Brac in Croatia. One belief that revolves around Golden Horn Beach is that if one finds a snail-shaped pebble on the beach, happiness follows you for good.

Doesn't that make it a must-visit place while on a trip to Croatia?

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There are so many other places to visit in Bol, that even five days would be less. All you have to do is to book villas with a pool near the beaches and experience the world-class holiday that you would cherish for the rest of your life.