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Horseback riding in Croatia - activities while holidaying

Croatia has an excellent position in South-Central Europe, which is why it is a popular destination for those looking forward to exploring natural wonders on a horse. Croatian natural parks offer plenty of terrains, lakes, and rolling hills, perfect for horse riding enthusiasts. And the best part about horseback riding in Croatia is that you can opt for riding along the most beautiful Adriatic coast or in the midst of the authentic Balkan hilltops. This horse-riding culture in Croatia has its main inspiration in Venice, Belgrade, Vienna, and Istanbul.
This country has more than a thousand islands, impressive coastline, and the cleanest waters in the Mediterranean. So why not explore it on a horse? Plenty of national parks welcome horse riders for a unique Croatian experience. You should know that Croatia was (and still is) highly valued for its outstanding forest and horse-riding trails. It is a tradition in this country, and it has as its landmark the most elegant horse breed from the famed Lipizzaner stud farm in Dakovo, Slavonia. 
Keep in mind that there a limited number of places that welcome tourists to try Croatian horseback riding. Our top recommendations are listed below.

Jelena Horse Center

This center offers plenty of sports and entertainment opportunities. Mainly, you can go horseback riding in Croatia, but you can access the Adventure Park available onsite, too.

Barba Tone Ranch

This ranch welcomes both experienced and unexperienced horseback riders. It gets you access to several personalized trips around Pula so that you discover plenty of Istrian historical sights. Also, you can opt for spending the night in a tent on the ranch's premises. 

Horse Riding Club Jakici

This is one of the leading horseback riding schools in Croatia. There are plenty of experienced trainers for both children and adults. Also, they offer plenty of equestrian activities on the club's terrain.

Horse Riding Club Soko

This horse-riding club in Croatia is famous due to its Arabian horses. You can explore everything related to Istria, including villages, living lifestyle, and gastronomy. Also, this is a meeting point for those that practice horse riding professionally.