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Horseback riding in Croatia - holiday activities

Holidays aren’t there just to relax. The holidays are for new experiences and adventures. After all, if you spend the whole time in the pool you won’t have a lot of stories to tell your friends.

Horse riding is a perfect activity for you if you love animals. It’s also the cure for fear of horses if you have it. 

Horses are magnificent creatures and a favorite animal of many people. If you have ever stood next to a horse you probably know why horses are so loved. You can feel the gentleness and strength of horses on vacation, too. Horse riding is popular in Istria and Villsy will show you the best ranches in Istria where you can hang out and ride horses. Families with kids usually have horse riding high on their “TO DO” list so this list of ranches in Istria will make a lot of girls and boys happy. 

Poreč is a town that you have to visit if you are coming to Istria. UNESCO protected Euphrasian Basilica, restaurants with traditional food and horse riding. 

Jelena horse center has everything you could wish for. If you have a daughter who is in love with horses take her to Jelana horse center, she’ll be in love with you forever. You’ll probably fall in love with horses there too, so you can rent a villa with a private pool near Poreč. 

Pazin is in the top 3 places to visit in Istria. The legend about giant Dragonja creating 3 rivers and shaping area around Pazin is almost as fascinating as Pazin. After a walk around the town visit Horse Riding Club Skoko. Horses and helpful staff will give you a lot of things to remember. 

Barba Tone Ranch in Barban and Horse Riding club Jakici in Sveti Lovreč maybe aren’t in famous towns, but they have world-class horses you can ride. Rent a car or choose a villa for rent nearby and make long-lasting memories. 

I’ll never forget when dad took me to Sinj to ride horses. I was so tiny, a horse was so big but so gentle. One of my dearest memories. You can be a lifetime hero to your kid, just visit some Istrian horse riding ranch.