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Historic sights in Croatia - activities while holidaying

There is an exciting selection of Historic Sites in Croatia one must visit at least once in a lifetime. Overall, this country was inhabited since prehistoric times, which is why different marks of civilization can be observed with ease. The Greeks and the Romans conquered it repeatedly, while the pre- and post-war history is more than intriguing.
Several leading cultural places in Croatia are available for you to visit. For example, the city of Dubrovnik is so rich in history and cultural heritage, that it gained a place of honor among UNESCO World Heritage sites. Moreover, Zadar is home to a wide array of Roman, Medieval, and Venetian Buildings. And Trogir has no shortage of cultural wonders either. It is located in an interesting area, and it is one of the most important Romanesque-Gothic Complexes in Europe. Lastly, but not the least important, Spit and its surroundings represent more than a go-to place for tourists. Several Roman palaces, barracks, and buildings are preserved within the city.
Of course, there are several other cultural and historical sites all over Croatia. And if you take into account that most of them are featured on UNESCO's list, you might be sure it's quite a real attraction.

Church of St. Euphemia

The Church of St. Euphemia is a Baroque construction positioned in the heart of the historic old town of Rovinj. An interesting fact about it is that its bel tower imitates the tower of St. Mark's Basilica in Venice.

Arena Amphitheatre

The Arena Amphitheatre in Pula is among the world's six largest surviving Roman amphitheaters. It is the best-preserved ancient monument in Croatia, but it is not yet part of the UNESCO's list. Overall, this is the only remaining Roman amphitheater with all four side towers intact and all three Roman architectural orders preserved. As for today, this is one of the most visited sites in Croatia, since plenty of local events are organized here.