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Contemporary in Croatia - activities while holidaying

No matter if we're talking about diving or windsurfing, ancient Roman architecture, or contemporary art, you can discover plenty of activities to perform in Croatia. There is a wide array of outdoor activities and cultural events organized frequently on the Croatian coast.
If you're visiting Dubrovnik, make sure you stop at Buzas. This name translates into a `hole in the wall,` which is what it is. It is a contemporary bar cut into a sea-facing cliff. It attracts both locals and tourists since it has one of the most intriguing locations in al Europe. 
Another top outdoor activity in Croatia is a swim at the Blue Cave. This small island near Vis is home to a gorgeous cave you will discover in Europe. It boasts on a mesmerizing light, thanks to a strange phenomenon that happens when the sun shines bright in the summer. There are plenty of tours available, and you can swim in for a unique Croatian experience.
You can appreciate contemporary art at Zagreb's Museum of Contemporary Art. It is the most significant and most important cultural landmark in the area, with several exhibits based on modern approaches.
Besides this, you can always attend one of the Croatian events created with an extra touch of modernism. All over Croatia, there are plenty of activities, tours, and settings for tourists looking forward to exploring the modern side of this country. 

Greetings to the Sun

This is a monument dedicated to the sun positioned on the western point of the Zadar peninsula. It is a contemporary sculpture made by Nikola Basic, which gains an interesting flair by night.

Lighting giants

Another contemporary landmark in Croatia is the Lightning Giants in Pula. Overall, this was a dull shipyard, which a world-famous designer, Dean Skira, transformed it into the main attraction of the city. It makes room for an impressive spectacle of light every evening.