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Castels and Ruins in Croatia - activities while holidaying

Did you know that Croatia is a great candidate for fairy tales? Well, this happens since plenty of Croatian castles and ruins are spread all over the country. Several fortifications, burgs, and rustical villas and palaces waiting for tourists to admire them. 
The construction of these architectural beauties' dates back several millennia. Experts say that the oldest manors and castles in Croatia date from the Roman period. Hence, you can quickly discover plenty of towns and palaces with such influences. But this isn't all! All over the country, you get the chance to admire medieval castles (burgs), renaissance villas, baroque constructions, town villas, palaces, and fortifications. Mostly, buildings have been adapted and reused for the past 14 centuries. So, you get the chance to explore them in their original appearance.
There are several castles and ruins in Croatia, al of which well-preserved and available for tourist tours. Make sure you check out their availability and follow local rules. Even though these are open to the public, it is always best to be cautious about such architectural wonders. 

The Castle Of Pazin

The Pazin Caste represents the leading tourist site in Istria. This is a medieval fortification constructed on a solid rock in the middle of the town of Pazin. Experts say that this construction is most likely from the 10th century. It is the largest and best-preserved caste in Croatia, and it offers a breathtaking view of the deep gorge of the Pazincica Foiba river.


Dvigrad is an abandoned medieval town in central Istria. It is a prehistoric settlement, which remained inhabited until the 18th century. It is an interesting Croatian fortification designed in stone, which is why the local government attempts to preserve and reconstruct it. It is the most significant cultural attraction in Istria, and it will get you the chance to admire an enclosed double defence town that could withstand serious attacks.