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National parks in Croatia - activities while holidaying

Croatia is one of the most interesting countries in Europe, as it continually strives to extend its protected territory. By 2017, it already had more than 9% of its land under national protection. Altogether, there are 444 distinct types of Croatian protected areas. But among those, eight national parks stand out as the most visited and impressive in this part of Europe. 
Indeed, many people think about Croatia as the best place to go for intriguing beaches and delicious local foods. But there is so much more to discover here, especially if you are an outdoor enthusiast. Many people keep coming here to indulge in the abundance of fresh, crisp mountain air while admiring lush vegetation and forests. And the best part about exploring Croatia's national parks is that numerous hiking trails will take you in remote areas. Ancient villages, ruins, and walking paths wait for you to explore. 
Make sure you add on your travel to-do list one (or more, or all!) eight national parks in Croatia. Each provides something wonderful and magical, that will leave you speechless.

National Park Brijuni

One of the most popular protected areas in Croatia is the National Park Brijuni. It consists of untouched nature and mesmerizing islands, which will let you explore rich natural wonders. It is located on the southwestern coast of Istria, stretching out along the coast. Here you can admire several cultural and archaeological sites, including two ancient Roman villas and the remains of a Byzantine fort.

National Park Kornati

The National Park Kornati consists of an island archipelago of 89 uninhabited islands, islets, and reefs. It is one of the most impressive island group in the Mediterranean, located in the northern area of Dalmatia. It is a great destination for those looking forward to admiring untouched crystal clear blue waters. But at the same time, you can swim, dive or snorkel around the Kornati.