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Mountains in Croatia - activities while holidaying

If you love nature, or you are a hiking enthusiast, Croatia is the go-to travel destination for you. Croatian mountains do no exceed 2000 meters in height. But their beauty comes from the versatility of the local flora and fauna. Besides, the landscape is more than fascinating, and you can reach with ease most of its peaks. 
Croatia is the only country in South-Eastern Europe without a peak above 2000m. Also, it is one of the few areas with a total of 1,244 islands, islets, rocks, and reefs. Still, hiking and trekking enthusiasts visit this country yearly, since it is part of the Dinaric Alps range. It is popular on the globe due to the classic example of deep karst. Most of the peaks in Croatia's Dinaric range offer impressive views over the country. And since this country is part of the Pannonian range, too, you will get access to plenty of hiking trails amid lush forests. 

Mountain Velebit

If you're searching for a mountain near the sea, Mountain Velebit is the best choice for you. It has the wealthiest natural landscape in Croatia, which is why it was declared a natural park. Several hiking trails will take you through all sorts of natural wonders, ranging from thick forests to rocky peaks and canyons. 

Mountain Ucka

Mountain Ucka is the only mountain in the Dinaric Alps that extends from the northeast to the southwest perpendicular to the direction of the Dinaric Alps. It is a premium hiking destination in Istria, as it offers access to several trails for all levels of experience. Mountain Ucka is a unique site since it provides access to impressive peaks, various springs, and ancient settlements. But the best part about it is its proximity to the sea. You will get the chance to admire Istrian beaches and towns from above.