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Istrian truffle in Croatia - activities while holidaying

No matter if you want to hunt for black truffles or taste this gourmet treat, Croatia is the go-to travel destination for you. Istrian truffles are famous on the globe due to their versatility and impressive quality. And you should know this trade is less like a business and more as a local tradition people respect.
The discovery of the Istrian white truffle happened some 80 years ago, and it led to the most impressive culinary experience for locals and tourists. It is a gastronomic hit in Croatia, especially in the Istria region. The truffle-hunting season begins in October, and it usually lasts for three months. During this time frame, up to 3000 people and more than 9000 dogs search the Motovun forests for the precious truffles. 
We recommend you consider taking a truffle tour for the best insights and tasting sessions in Istria. Such trips will get you access to the history of Croatian truffles, truffle, and cheese tasting, and as you might expect, a hunting session in the forest. 
Make sure you try truffles in one of the local restaurants. Several Croatian food recipes include truffles as the leading ingredient. Our top choice is fish fillet with black truffles and asparagus. Croatia is the truffle paradise in Europe (But not only!), so it can become the best food travel destination for you. 

Istrian Truffles Zigante Tartufi

Croatia's leading exporter of Istrian truffles is Zigante Tartufi. This company was founded back in 1999, and it became famous for finding the world's largest truffle in Istria with an impressive weigh of 1.31kg. This gained them a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. They focus on the stable Istrian white truffle, which ripens between September and January. But there is available the summer truffle and the winter truffle, which have an intense aroma and flavor.