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Istrian prosciutto in Croatia - activities while holidaying

Do you know which is the most sought meat delicacy in Croatia? Well, it is the homemade prosciutto, which locals call 'Pršut.' And the best way to serve this gourmet dish is with olive oil, homemade Croatian bread, and hard cheese. 
Croatian prosciutto is different from the Spanish or Italian one. And if you're wondering what makes it unique, the answer is in the local recipe used. This excellent delicacy is an original Croatian product made from dried pork hind legs. This meat is smoke-dried and afterward is left to relish wafer-thin slices of prosciutto. But this Croatian delicacy gets its impressively distinct taste from the fact that it is dried for several months. In this way, it achieves a richness of flavor and texture, which you won't find with any other type of prosciutto. 
An interesting fact about Croatian prosciutto is that it is hand-sliced. Each slice needs to be as thin and as long as possible, which is why an automatic knife is never used. The most famous Croatian prosciutto is from Krk, Drnis, and Istria. But our top choice remains Istrian prosciutto, since it is air-dried, not smoked, and rubbed with Mediterranean spices.

Stancija Buršić - Pršutarna "Kod Milana"

This is one of the most famous Croatian restaurants due to the vast array of traditional dishes served. Still, the premium serving here consists of fresh Istrian prosciutto, made based on a family recipe. 

Prsut Dujmovic

There are plenty of Istrian prosciutto makers, all of which running a small family business and following traditional Croatian recipes. And such business is the one run by the Dujmovic family from Kringa. They won several prizes due to the quality of their product, so make sure you stop here for the tastiest Croatian delicacy you will ever try.

Opg pršuti Milohanić

The Milohanić Prosciutto Family Farm produces Istrian prosciutto since 2007. They were presented in several summer festivals of the Istrian peninsula, and they can entice your taste buds with an authentic recipe you won't find anywhere else in Croatia.