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Croatian food and wine - discover best of

When in Croatia, be sure to visit Istria and Dalmatia – the culinary gems of this beautiful country. You can experience the authentic tastes of various regions through organized food tours and get to know the history, culture and people of a certain destination.



It's hard to resist the Istrian truffle. We call it „tartufi“ in Croatian. It was discovered about 80 years ago in Motovun forest – and since then it's a culinary wonder of the north-western part of Istria. You can find Zigante tartufi in the small village of Plovanija, and discover how Giancarlo Zigante has been dedicated in the last 25 years to introduce truffles to all those who aren't lucky as he is, to live in the „World truffle centre“. Enjoy truffles and rent a villa in the nearby town of Buje.



Some say cutting prosciutto, or „pršut“ how say it – is like playing the violin. Istrian prosciutto has a long tradition and a respectful production, carefully raised pigs, elaborate treatment of the meat and a unique blend of spices. With no nitrites, nitrates or smoke – Istrian prosciutto is one of the most healthful cured meats in all of the Mediterranean.

In Vodnjan you can find „Stancija Buršić“, and taste the original prosciutto made by one of the largest production facilities in Istria.

For more than 20 years, „Pršutana Dujmović“ has been producing high-quality prosciutto in Tinjan, winning a number of gold medals at the popular Vinistra festival.

Renting a villa with a pool in Tinjan? Then find the family-run farm of „Pršuti Milohanić“! You can try their prosciutto every weekday from 17:00, and weekends from 9:00, but before book your place by calling +385 91 551 2985.



Every gourmet wants to have it in his kitchen. Croatian olive oil – or Mediterranean gold. The 2019 Flos Olei olive oil guide has named Istria to be the „Best Olive Oil Region“, so explore the wonders of the „New Tuscany“. But not just Istria, as Dalmatia has its own hidden gems as well. "Buža" and "Istarska bjelica" are mostly known kinds in Istria, and "Oblica" and "Paštrica" in Dalmatia.

While staying in your villa in Poreč, be sure to try some of Agrolaguna's olive oil. They have a tasting room and offer guided tastings and cellar tours. Tourists can visit the Červar olive grove and tour the largest Agrolaguna single olive grove, also the biggest one in Croatia!

Family-run farm „OPG Chiavalon“ in Vodnjan has 7500 olive trees, mostly authentic olive sorts and the production is under certified ecological supervision.

The island of Brač has beautiful villas with pools, and also some of the best olive oils in Croatia. „OPG Majić“ can be found in the town of Supetar in Brač, the place where you get off from the ferry from Split.



Croatia is becoming more and more known for its exquisite wine offer. The numbers say it all – 64 distinct grape types, over 800 wineries and at least 20 thousand registered winemakers.

Malvazija is the typical Mediterranean wine sort and most popular in Istria. It's one of the few areas in the world where this grape is being grown, and it matches great with Istrian prosciutto.

The Agrolaguna tasting room in Poreč gives you a chance to take a guided tour through wine roads and vineyards by expert staff. Enjoy staying in one of the beautiful villas nearby.

A top quality dry red wine is Dingač, named after the area of Pelješac peninsula. It's produced from the authentic red wine grape Plavac Mali. Try Dingač while relaxing in a villa on the island of Korčula.