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Gastronomy in Croatia - activities while holidaying

If you're looking for an interesting gastronomy trip to Europe, you should take the time to explore Croatia's innovative cuisine. All local dishes are rich in flavor and diversity, so it will be challenging for you to settle upon only one dish. Traditional Croatian dishes feature plenty of light goods such as seafood and fish. But these dishes stand out because of the cooking process. They are either stewed or grilled, depending on the recipe. Also, you should expect a rainbow of vegetables and wild plants on your plate.
Croatia is a leading producer of olive oil in Europe, which is why it is the basic culinary addition all over the country. Almost all foods served in Croatia are made with olive oil. Also, local herbs are harvested and used for the best Mediterranean approaches in cooking Croatian recipes. 
Truffles represent a premium gourmet treat in Croatia, and you can discover quite a few family-owned businesses that distribute it. And if you're planning to visit either Dalmatia or Istria, you should get ready to taste the best homemade prosciutto in Europe! It is made based on a traditional approach, and the slices are cut by hand for the best taste and flavor. 
Excellent food and wine represent an integral part of the Croatian traditions. And since this is a wine, olive oil, and prosciutto country, you've got plenty of treats to indulge in!

Vinistra – International Wine Exhibition

For those looking forward to tasting each unique Croatian wine, a visit to Vinistra is a must. It is a local gourmet festival in Porec, which gathers local wine producers from all over Croatia. Also, there are plenty of international winemakers that attend, so that you get the chance to taste the best wines on the globe.

Istrian Pasta Festival

Well, Croatia's cuisine is inspired by Italy, which is why pasta is a popular dish in Croatian menus. The Istrian Pasta Festival in Zminj gathers local producers of olive oil, Istrian prosciutto, cheese, and traditional pasta dishes.