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Museums in Croatia - activities while holidaying

Croatia is home to many museums scattered all over the country. And this happens since Croatian history is rich and versatile, dating back to prehistoric times. Many archaeological, ethnographical, and city museum sites are well-preserved and open to the public. A visit to Croatia will get you access to a wide array of valuable artifacts, and intangible cultural heritage sites. There are quite a few internationally famous galleries hosting both local and international artists.
There are two types of the museum you will discover upon visiting Croatia. First of all, you have access to traditional museums based on history, traditions, and famous local personalities. For example, you can visit the memorial center of Nikola Tesla in the village of Smiljan, which features interesting exhibitions dedicated to Tesla's work and life. Also, you can check out the Museum of Apoxyomenos situated on Island of Lošinj in Kvarner Bay, or the Krapina Neanderthal Museum.
But at the same time, there are quite a few non-conventional Croatian museums worth a visit. For example, you can visit the Museum of Hangovers in Zagreb, the Love Stories Museum in Dubrovnik, or the Museum of Broken Relationships (also in Zagreb).

Tractor Story

Tractor Story is the first permanent exhibition for vintage tractors from Croatia. This is a somewhat different museum opened back in 2019, which will let you admire an impressive collection of 50 tractors, threshing machines, and several other devices in the niche. Also, in their exhibition, you will get the chance to admire the first tractor from Nova Vas, an old Fordson from 1923.

Museum of Olive Oil 

The Museum of Olive Oil in Pula is an exciting stop upon your Croatian itinerary. It is dedicated to the symbol of the Mediterranean, the olive tree. This place tells the interesting story of growing olives in Istria since the beginnings. And the best part about this museum is that each visit features an oil tasting led by an Istrian olive oil expert.